Living the Off Campus Life

Being an off campus student provides you with the opportunity to learn new skills and become part of a larger community.  During the academic year you will find more information on this site to help you navigate off campus living.

Check this section for information and resources on the following topics.

  • Moving-In, Setting up Services and Amenities
  • Housemate and Neighbor Relationships
  • Area & Campus Resources, Services, & Entertainment
  • Staying Connected to Campus Activities, Resources, and Services
  • Safety, Security, and Emergencies

Please use these links for options to travel and park on campus.

Parking Services

Commuter Options Program

Biker Commuter Program

Carpool Program

Occasional Parker Program

Park and Ride Lots

Bus Schedules and Information

UMass Transit offers a variety of services to students. Please use the links below to plan your transportation both on and off campus.

UMass Schedules

Schedules On Facebook

Schedules On Twitter

PVTA Schedules

Bike Racks on Buses

Special Transportation

Regional Travel Information

Vehicle Rentals

Car Sharing

Expected Conduct on UMassTransit Buses

Please note that UMass Transit buses are equipped with 8 on-board cameras for safety and security. 

Buses are an extension of the campus and thus the Student Code of Conduct applies.