Off Campus Student Center Staff

Off Campus Assistants are a team of off campus students who manage the Off Campus Student Center. In addition to programming, the Assistants act as a resource for off campus students. The Assistants participate in Town Gown initiatives to build community among the greater Amherst area. The Assistants do not enforce campus policy or town bylaws. For the 2015-2016 Academic year, the staff position will be entitled Off Campus Assistants.


Are you interested in being an Off Campus Assistant? We hire OCSLCs every spring semester for academic year positions (i.e., both fall and spring semesters).

To learn more about employment opportunities, stop by the Center for more information.

Off Campus Student Center Staff 2014-2015

  • Anita Palanukorn
  • Delaney Ratner
  • Hao Luong
  • Jillian Toce
  • Julianna Rushdi
  • Kelly Donovan
  • Mary Lenahan
  • Sabrina Kozikis
  • Sally Linowski
  • Thomas Beard