Student Organizations

With over 200 registered student organizations (RSOs) and co-curricular organizations, UMass Amherst covers a lot of ground and most interests. Joining a student organization is the ideal way to make yourself at home, get some experience, and simply have fun.

The groups include community service organizations, student government, ethnic and cultural groups, religious and spiritual organizations, fraternity and sororities, student run businesses, media related groups, groups that grow from academic interests, and groups dedicated to athletics and recreation, socializing, arts and entertainment, and politics.

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Campus Pulse Organizations

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Political Science Graduate Student Association

Pre-Law Society (UMPLS)

The University of Massachusetts Pre-Law Society seeks to prepare students for careers in law, and to prepare students with an interest in...

Project Nur

Protect Our Breasts

Real Estate Club

The mission of The UMass Real Estate Club is to provide an opportunity for students to learn about the real estate industry through...

Religious Verism Association

   RVA  is a multi-faith research association for discovering truths behind religions and for removing (probable)...

S#arp Attitude

Sequential Arts Colloquium

Sigma Alpha Iota

Sigma Alpha Iota is an organization which promotes interaction among those who share a commitment to music. Members of SAI are active in...

Slacklining Club

The objective of the Slacklining Club is to provide a means for slackliners on the UMass Amherst campus to meet, practice their sport and...

South Asian Sisters in Solidarity

Our group is dedicated to the protection and empowerment of South Asian women through activism advocacy, and direct service. We hope to...

Spikeball Club

Stroke Support Group

This group meets approximately monthly, although dates of next meetings are selected at the current meeting. Meetings are generally held in...

Student Staff Hiring

Students for Alternative Music

Students For Fair Housing

The Students for Fair Housing student group seeks to further the goals of the private nonprofit, The Massachusetts Fair Housing Center...

Students for Justice in Palestine

Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) at University of Massachusetts, Amherst, is a diverse group of students, faculty, staff, and...

Students of AMF

Super Smash Brother Club - SSB

UMass SSB Club is a chance for fans of the Nintendo best selling Super Smash Bros. series to come together and compete. During meetings,...

Surf Club

The UMSC strives to provide a community of surfing and surf culture to the students and personnel of the University of Massachusetts, as...

Tae Kwon Do

The Korean art of Tae Kwon Do, which can be loosely translated as "the way of the fist and foot," is the national sport of South Korea and...

Tan Cerca Tan Lejos

The Poorboy

The Reader's Society

University Health Services

Venakey Association

 About Venakey Throughout the history, the human being has always encountered mysteries without any explanation which permanently...

Web Design Dojo

The mission of the Web Design Dojo is to advance the creative and technical skills of its members through the creation of fun and useful...

Women In Sport Management