Get Involved

Whether you are a new student, a transfer or any place in between, whether you are living on campus or off, whether you are a "joiner" or not, I strongly encourage you to explore the hundreds of clubs and organizations found within the Center for Student Development (CSD).

The four years you spend at UMass Amherst is your time for intellectual and personal development.

By participating in one of the hundreds of groups within the CSD, you will increase your organizational and teambuilding skills while enjoying opportunities for friendship, leadership, and community service. You will expand your views of humanity and the world we all share.

Involvement is hands-on - whether it's running a meeting or running an event - the CSD is fueled by student energy.

Make a point of stopping by the Center for Student Development and take some time to meet with one of the staff.

We look forward to working with you!

Annemarie Seifert
Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Development
Division of Student Affairs and Campus Life



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