What is MyStudentBody (MSB)?

As part of the University of Massachusetts Amherst’s commitment to the well-being of our individual students and the larger UMass Amherst community, all incoming undergraduate students, including all transfer students, are required to complete the online MyStudentBody Essentials Course regardless of age.

MyStudentBody is a comprehensive, evidence-based, online prevention program that gives students the tools to choose behaviors that help them successfully navigate the social pressures of the campus environment and achieve academic success. The Essentials course covers two of the most significant behavioral risks new college students face as they transition into a new community: alcohol use and illicit and prescription drug use.

Course Requirements and Registration Holds

All incoming and transfer students are required to complete and pass the post-test for both instructional modules (alcohol use and illicit and prescription drug use) with a score of at least 80%. Students who have not successfully taken and passed the course by the designated due date will have a hold on their academic record preventing registration for the subsequent semester’s classes. Please see the “Registration in Courses and Withdrawal” section (p. 17) of the Academic Regulations Handbook for more information on registration holds. 

Registration holds will be lifted upon successful completion of both MSB modules (and YIS), and after the student emails their certificate of completion to

Students usually complete the Essentials Course within 1 – 1.5 hours.  This is a self-paced learning experience and students may take the course in shorter segments, as their progress will be saved.

To take this course, you will need a computer with internet access and audio capabilities. If you do not have access to a personal computer, you can use any publicly available computer with internet access.    

'Quick Start' Instructions

  1. Log in: 
    • Log into Moodle;
    • Select Your NSO Follow Up course;
    • Click on the Action Items section to access these important requirements.
  2. Take the Essentials course: Complete and pass both modules (alcohol use and illicit and prescription drug use) in the Essentials course with a score of at least 80%. You will be given multiple attempts to successfully pass the course should you not do so the first time.

Complete Instructions

For more details download the complete instructions.

MyStudentBody and Compliance with Federal Laws

Continuously updated federal mandates require Institutions of Higher Education to provide students with information and education regarding alcohol and other drugs. 

Federal law requires institutions receiving federal financial assistance to establish drug and alcohol abuse prevention programs for all students. Requiring all incoming students to complete the alcohol and other drug sections of MyStudentBody meets this requirement of the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act.