Graduate Assistantships in Student Affairs & Campus Life

Why Student Affairs?

As a campus community we actively embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion grounded in core values of compassion, care, and concern for others. We center around eight key functions that together create a supportive living and learning environment of responsive care and support for retention, graduation, and success beyond college. 

Our programs and services:

  1. Transition and connect students to campus
  2. Foster positive campus climate
  3. Cultivate inclusion and diversity
  4. Develop opportunities for civic engagement and co-curricular learning
  5. Create immersive living-learning environments
  6. Provide listening, care, and focused support for students in crisis
  7. Support wellness, health, and safety
  8. Prepare students for a successful transition to their post-UMass future

University of Massachusetts Amherst Student Affairs and Campus Life graduate assistantships are highly competitive and critical to the success of SACL achieving these functions.

What Can You Expect?

We aim to provide our graduate assistants with comprehensive professional development experiences that align with their academic and career pathways. Many responsibilities will be similar to that of a professional position and, whenever possible, will be useful in completing course or program requirements. A primary goal of our supervisors is to ensure assistantships enhance academic work and expose our graduate students to experiential learning opportunities that facilitate personal and professional growth.

Graduate Assistant Positions

Graduate assistants work in many different areas of Student Affairs and Campus Life and Student Success:

The Complete schedule of our Fall Orientation is now available. 

Graduate Assistant Testimonials

Sadaf Latafat, Assistant Residence Director 

“For someone who was new to this country, my assistantship provided me with a fantastic opportunity to experience firsthand U.S. higher education and residence life and to interact with undergraduate students from diverse backgrounds. During the last three years, I have worked with some wonderful and passionate people who have continuously challenged me to look at things from multiple perspectives. 

I have always felt supported by my supervisors and my Resident Assistants (RAs). Indeed, working with student staff has been the most rewarding part of my experience and has contributed so much to my personal and professional growth. I have really appreciated the continuous learning opportunities that have enabled me not only to succeed as a higher education administrator, but that have also made me a better researcher and doctoral student.”

Crystal Green, Leadership & Engagement Graduate Assistant 

“UMass provides a space for graduate students to grow on an academic, professional and personal level. Students have the chance to connect and network with other students, faculty and staff from a range of multidisciplinary fields within and outside of the classroom. 

I am not the same person I was before I started my Graduate Assistantship, I am better. I have had the chance to independently work on projects, teach a course, participate in committee work, attend departmental meetings and conferences. My Graduate Assistantship gives me the freedom to show forth my leadership skills, ideas and motivates me to work on my areas of growth. 

With the amazing support and help of my supervisor and peers, I get the chance to achieve and invest in them. It is great to be surrounded by people who want to help you succeed.”