Student Governance

Student Government Association

Under Trustee Document T73-098, UMass Amherst students are granted "primary responsibility for services and activities which are designed primarily to serve students or those which are financed primarily by students, managing student political affairs and organizational matters, and setting standards for student behavior, conduct, and discipline." This responsibility is defined as “the capacity to initiate recommendations, after appropriate consultation.”

The Student Government Association (SGA) is the official body that students use to exercise this responsibility. The SGA is also responsible for managing the Student Affairs Trust Fund -SATF by allocating funding for all RSOs and a number of agencies that provide student services and promote student welfare. Additionally, the SGA provides a vehicle for students to engage in advocating for student needs and shaping the campus community through collaborative involvement with campus committees and programmatic and divisional leadership

Center for Educational Policy Advocacy

The Center for Educational Policy Advocacy (CEPA) works with the SGA, campus departments, RSOs, and agencies to identify campus issues that may be addressed through policy restructuring or reform.