Relevant Policies and Laws

The University Of Massachusetts Amherst Code Of Student Conduct and Residential Life policies apply to incidents that occur on campus and off campus.

Massachusetts State Laws

  • Minor in Possession of Alcohol Under 21: You could be arrested, jailed, fined and CSC.
  • Underage Driver Transporting Alcohol: Under 21 & driving a vehicle carrying alcohol means you could lose your license, fined and CSC.
  • Failure to Disperse: If police order you to leave, do it immediately or you could be arrested.
  • Providing to Minors: Selling or providing alcohol to someone under 21 can result in criminal charges.
  • OUI: If arrested for operating under the influence, your license will be suspended. A conviction means losing your license, paying big fines, higher insurance rates and CSC.
  • Public Urination: Urinate in public, and you can be charged with indecent exposure.

Amherst By-Laws

  • Noise: Excessive noise that disturbs others is illegal and can result in a $300. fine. This includes loud music and yelling.
  • Open Containers: Open containers of alcohol on public property are against the law.
  • Kegs: It’s illegal to have a keg without a permit. Get these through your local police department.
  • Nuisance House: Throwing a rowdy off campus party can cost you your housing, fines and CSC.