Moving In

Before you move anything into your new home, make sure you document the condition of your rental first.

You'll want to do this in two ways.

  1. Fill out a Statement of Condition.  Your landlord is supposed to give you this form.  If you don't get one, you can print out and use our Statement of Condition form.
  2. Take pictures (4 walls, ceiling, floor).  It may not seem important now when you're moving in, but if you paid a security deposit, it could be important later. 

Getting to Know Your Housemates
(even if you're already friends): 

It doesn't matter whether this is your first place or your seventh, chances are you're living with housemates.

Whether you were roommates or are best friends, lived in the same residence hall, were in classes together, or if you're just meeting for the first time, there will be times were there'll be conflict.  Sometimes you can avoid disagreements by having these five "get to know your housemates" conversations beforehand.