Meet Student Affairs Leadership

Enku Gelaye 

Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs and Campus Life

I had an incredibly helpful Dean of Students in undergraduate. Tim Rogers was omnipresent, compassionate and engaged. I valued his feedback and wanted to be just like him. Dean Rogers and student affairs professionals at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville welcomed me to campus, encouraged my curiosities and pushed me to do more, be more. The relationship between student and student affairs professionals is sacred. I'm honored to work with students, staff and faculty across campus to advance higher education principles we all hold so dear like civility, inclusion, self exploration, access, innovation, leadership development and fun. And it is especially wonderful to do this work on the UMass Amherst campus. No doubt in my mind that there is something special here and it is exciting to be part of the experience.

And favorite quote:

"I have never been especially impressed by the heroics of people who are convinced they are about to change the world. I am more awed by those who struggle to make one small difference after another." -Ellen Goodman 


Annemarie Seifert

Associate Vice Chancellor, Student Development

As a first generation college student, I was challenged by several of the systems and processes at my institution.  The Student Affairs professionals I had the opportunity to interact with made a huge impact on my transition, skill development, and learning. Those student affairs educators inspired me to continue my education and purse a career in student affairs. The opportunity to engage and support college students in a similar way and create access for them to support services, campus resources, and involvement really excites me! I feel it is a privilege to serve students, and really value the opportunity I have to participate in their learning process.  In my current role I have the opportunity to be a good steward of university fiscal resources and direct them in a way that best supports student learning outside of the classroom.


Eddie Hull

Executive Director, Residential Life 

 I came to UMass Amherst in 2010 after serving in residential life leadership roles at The University of Arizona (my alma mater), Southern Methodist University, and Duke University. I was drawn to this campus because of its vision for more effectively connecting the learning that occurs inside the classroom and outside it. For a residential campus like ours, it is a natural fit. This is a true passion for me and to which I am fundamentally committed. Here on the Amherst campus I am helping re-frame the residential experience as an extension of the University's academic mission, while at the same time attending to our traditional supports for students' personal development. It's work I would not trade for anything! It can be all consuming at times, but the intrinsic rewards are priceless when I feel my colleagues have made a difference that matters for our students. I do find time to get away from campus from time to time and seek my personal balance playing golf and being by the sea ... playing golf by the sea is even better! 


Harry Rockland-Miller

Director, Center for Counseling and Psychological Health (CCPH)

 For more than 15 years, he has led a multidisciplinary university clinic providing short-term psychotherapies, psychopharmacological services, community consultation, training and 24-hour crisis services. Rockland-Miller is a trainer and consultant in areas including college mental health, clinical triage, suicide prevention and mental health care delivery; other clinical interests include crisis intervention, brief therapy and hospital-based treatment. He served as principal investigator of a Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration grant providing suicide prevention training on the UMass Amherst campus. Prior to joining the university, he worked in mobile and hospital crisis intervention and inpatient psychiatry settings.


Gail Matthews

Executive Director, Finance and Personnel

 As a lifelong New Englander, I was raised in Connecticut.  Prior to moving to Massachusetts and coming to the university, I lived in New Hampshire for three years. I received my bachelor’s degree in elementary education from the University of Hartford and a Master’s degree in business administration from the University of Connecticut. I made a decision early on that I wanted to work in higher education and my entire career has been at either a university or college. When I originally came to the university I was going to stay for three years and move on. That was in 1982 and I am still here! I realized that the University of Massachusetts is a great place to work. There are so many opportunities for students, every year is different and every fall the campus is reenergized. I feel fortunate to be a part of this campus community. In my spare time I enjoy attending live music events, attending college sporting events and hiking, biking and playing tennis.  I like to travel and recently returned from a cruise in Alaska.


Sharon Shevlin

Director, Student Affairs Technology Services

I came to UMass many years ago as an undergraduate.  I received my bachelor’s degree in Communication Disorders.  I also earned my MBA at UMass.  The education and experiences I received at UMass are invaluable.  I have worked in various departments within the Student Affairs umbrella and realized early in my career that this was the right place for me. 

On a personal note, I love to cook and watch the TV Food Network. I am a UMass Hockey and Softball fan. Some of my favorites quotes and sayings include: “Walk the Talk,” “This too shall pass,” “It’s all in the details,” and “Seek first to understand.”


Sara Littlecrow-Russell

Associate to Vice Chancellor

Although I went to school and became a lawyer, I wanted to work in higher education because I love being surrounded by people who are passionate about learning. I believe that the potential for educating ourselves is all around us - all the time. I chose to pursue a career in Student Affairs because it represents a 360 degree educational experience for students that in turn sets the stage for a deeply meaningful and fulfilling post-college life. I have a degree in Medical Anthropology from Hampshire College and a Juris Doctor from Northeastern School of Law. Being a single mother, I was a non-traditional college student, and that experience has shaped my commitment to be inclusive of underrepresented and non-traditional students in my work. Outside of work, I like to write political poetry, grow heirloom tomatoes and medicinal herbs, explore ancient astro-archeological sites, experiment with World cooking, blend niche perfumes, play with my two pugs, and hang out with my two teenagers.



Student Affairs Leadership Team (SALT)