Departments and Services

New Students Orientation, Parent Services, Residential Life and the residential first year experience, wellness, career development, recreational sports, religious affairs, multicultural student programs, veterans’ services, judicial matters, student activities, student government, and early education and care are all part of Student Affairs.

Together, these programs and partnerships unite the campus as a total learning community and create a positive learning environment for developing leadership, self management, time management, planning and organizing, team building, effective communication, critical analysis and creative problem solving. These skills will support your active and fulfilling collegiate career and prepare you to take a leadership role in your community and the world.

*Division of Student Affairs and Campus Life

Enku Gelaye, Vice Chancellor
319 Whitmore Administration Building
(413) 545-2333


Marcy Roe Clark, Director
(413) 545-3359

Career Services

Candice Serafino, Interim Director
(413) 545-2224

Center for Counseling and Psychological Health (CCPH)

Harry Rockland-Miller, Director
(413) 545-2337

Center for Early Childhood Education and Care (CEEC)

Maryanne Gallagher
(413) 545-1566

Center for Education Policy & Advocacy

(413) 545-0709

Center for Health Promotion (CHP)

Sonya Satinsky, Director
(413) 577-5181

Center for Multicultural Advancement & Student Success (CMASS)

Shelly Perdomo, Director
(413) 545-2517

Center for Student Business

Rosemary Schmidt, Director
(413) 545-2166

Center for Student Development

Annemarie Seifert, Associate Vice Chancellor
(413) 545-3600

Center for Women and Community

(413) 545-0883

Dean of Students Office

Enku Gelaye, Associate Vice Chancellor/Dean of Students
(413) 545-2684

New Students Orientation

Jeanne Horrigan, Director
(413) 545-2621

Off Campus Student Services

Sally Linowski
413 577 1005

Office of Family Resources

(413) 545-0865

Office of Fraternities and Sororities

Michael Wiseman
(413) 545-2711

Office of Parent Services

Jeanne Horrigan, Director
(413) 577-4444

Office of Religious and Spiritual Life

Larry Goldbaum, Director
(413) 545.9642

Residential Life

(413) 545-1964

Residential Life - Student Services

(413) 545 2100

Student Activities and Involvement

Erin Donnally Drake
(413) 545-8600

Student Bridges

(413) 545-7676

Student Government Association (SGA)

Student Legal Services Office

Chuck DiMare, Director
(413) 545-1995

Student Union Art Gallery

(413) 545-0792

Student Union Craft Center

(413) 545-2096

The Stonewall Center

Genny Beemyn, Director
(413) 545-4824

University of Massachusetts Police Department

Chief John K. Horvath
(413) 545-2121

University Programming Council (UPC)

(413) 545-0911
Lloyd Henley


(413) 545-1336

Veterans Services

Judy Gagnon, Coordinator
(413) 545-0939

WMUA Radio Station

Glenn Siegel, Administrative Advisor
(413) 545-2876

Student Affairs

Early higher education in the United States was based on the Oxbridge model of education. Most early institutions were residential colleges where the tutors lived in the halls with the students. These tutors were the precursor to student affairs professionals in the United States.

The profession of Student Affairs came out of the first Dean of Men, created at Harvard University in 1870. LeBaron Russell Briggs was appointed as Dean of Men in charge of academic advising as well as disciplinary duties. This appointment moved the day-to-day administration of student issues away from the president and placed it with an individual. In 1892, Alice Freeman Palmer at the University of Chicago became the first Dean of Women.

Today, every residential college and university has a division of Student Affairs. Most student affairs professionals have Masters degrees in Educational Leadership, Higher Education Administration, Student Affairs Administration, or other relevant discipline (e.g.: Human Resource Management, Organizational Psychology, Public Administration, etc.). Senior student affairs officers almost always have either a Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) or Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree.

Division of Student Affairs and Campus Life (SACL)

We are a nationally recognized team of student affairs educators dedicated to excellence, innovation, and social justice. Our mission is to facilitate student learning and development to maximize academic and personal success. Our division is committed to creating an inclusive environment that fully engages students with the collegiate experience. Our essential services and programs promote intellectual, physical, and emotional well-being and support students as they transform their potential to match their highest aspirations.


Student Affairs and Campus Life Staff (2010)