Departments and Services

Student Affairs and Campus Life
Enku Gelaye, Vice Chancellor
319 Whitmore Administration Building
(413) 545-2333

Advocacy, Inclusion and Support
Shelly A. Perdomo, Interim Assistant Vice Chancellor
(413) 545-2517

Marcy Roe Clark, Director
(413) 545-3359

Campus Recreation
John Blihar, Director
(413) 545-0022
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Career Services
Candice Serafino, Director
(413) 545-2224

Center for Counseling and Psychological Health (CCPH)
Harry Rockland-Miller, Director
(413) 545-2337
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Center for Early Childhood Education and Care (CEEC)
Maryanne Baskin, Interim Director
(413) 545-1566
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Center for Education Policy & Advocacy (CEPA)
Koni Denham, Director
(413) 545-0709
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Center for Health Promotion (CHP)
(413) 577-5181
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Center for Multicultural Advancement & Student Success (CMASS)
Oscar R. Collins, Interim Co-Director
Wilma Crespo Nieves, Interim Co-Director
(413) 545-2517
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Center for Student Business
Corey Walters, Director
(413) 545-2166
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Student Engagement
(413) 545-3600
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Center for Women and Community
Rebecca Lockwood, Associate Director
Gisella Zuniga, Associate Director
(413) 545-0883
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Dean of Students Office
David Vaillancourt, Senior Associate Dean of Students
(413) 545-2684
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New Students Orientation
Jeanne Horrigan, Director
(413) 545-2621
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Off Campus Student Services
Sally Linowski, Associate Dean
(413) 577-1005
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Office of Family Resources
Joanne Levenson, Director
(413) 545-0865
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Office of Fraternities and Sororities
Michael Wiseman, Director
(413) 545-2711
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Office of Parent Services
Jeanne Horrigan, Director
(413) 577-4444
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Office of Religious and Spiritual Life
Larry Goldbaum, Director
(413) 545-9642
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Residential Life Residence Education
Jean MacKimmie, Director
(413) 545-6923
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Residential Life Student Services
Dawn M. Bond, Director
(413) 545-2100
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Student Activities and Involvement
Lloyd Henley, Associate Director
Lydia Washington, Associate Director
(413) 545-3600
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Student Affairs Technology Services
Sharon Shevlin, Director
Help Desk (413) 577-7287
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Student Bridges
(413) 545-7676
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Student Government Association (SGA)
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Student Legal Services Office
Corey Carvalho, Interim Director
(413) 545-1995
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Student Union Art Gallery
(413) 545-0792
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Student Union Craft Center
(413) 545-2096
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The Stonewall Center
Genny Beemyn, Director
(413) 545-4824
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University of Massachusetts Police Department
Tyrone Parham, Chief
(413) 545-2121
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University Programming Council (UPC)
Lloyd Henley
(413) 545-0911
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Darol W. Bishop, Advisor
(413) 545-1336
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Veteran Services

Matt Bachmann, Director

(413) 545-0939

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WMUA Radio Station
(413) 545-2876
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