2020 Graduate Assistant Leaders of Tomorrow Awards nomination form

Who is eligible for a Graduate Assistant LOTA Award?

Any Graduate Assistant employed by SACL during the 2019-2020 academic year who has completed their mandatory orientation and training requirements is eligible for this award. Undergraduates are not eligible for the LOTA awards. SACL staff may be nominated separately for the Staff REDI Awards Program.

How do I nominate a Graduate Assistant?

Nominations for Graduate Assistant Leaders of Tomorrow Awards open below, from February 6, 2020 to March 9, 2020 .

New this year, you can also submit a nomination by phone or video. Call 413-376-5445 to leave a message with your name, your department, the name of the GA you're nominating, the award you're nominating them for, and a brief explanation of why they deserve to win that award. Video submissions should include the same information, and can be sent to petesmith@umass.edu 

Graduate Assistant LOTA Awards will be presented April 2nd 2020.


Award Descriptions

Scholar-Practitioner Award  

This award recognizes a graduate assistant who demonstrates a mastery in blending their assistantship responsibilities with their chosen academic discipline. Candidates exemplify this advanced competency through interdisciplinary research opportunities, assessment projects, training and development initiatives in service of their unit. This award also highlights students who have presented at conferences or published works related to their role. 


Commitment to Social Justice, Equity & Diversity Award  

Determination of this award will be based on a strong and sustained record of professional and/or civic contributions related to social justice. The contribution may have resulted in a wide range of identifiable outcomes, including furthering community engagement in dialogue and education, seeking opportunities to impact current practices of one’s department/institution, and implementing projects or events that foster diversity, equity, and social justice.  


Team Player Award 

The Team Player Award emphasizes the importance of individuals working together. This award recognizes a workgroup or individual who exemplifies the values of collaboration and teamwork that further Student Affairs and Campus Life goals. This graduate assistant promotes interdepartmental and off-campus partnerships and seeks to support and elevate their colleagues.   


Commitment to Student Success Award 

This award acknowledges a graduate assistant who demonstrates a student-centered approach to their role. Candidates create an environment that fosters engagement and development both inside and outside of the classroom. Through innovative programmatic efforts or meaningful individual relationships, these members of Student Affairs and Campus Life support students’ academic success and persistence to graduation. 


Nominations are now Open! 


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