2019 Staff REDI Awards nomination form

The 2018 nomination period has ended. Use this form to nominate SACL benefited exempt or non-exempt employees for 2019 Staff REDI Awards

Undergraduate and graduate student employees are not eligible for Staff REDI awards. Graduate student employees have a separate awards program.

Tips for submitting a nomination:

  • Be prepared to complete the form in one session.
  • You will need the name(s) and department/unit(s) of the individual or team you are nominating.
  • Determine the award for which you wish to nominate: 1) Student Engagement Award, 2) Go Team Award!, 3) Thinking Outside of the Box Award, or 4) Devoted Service Award (see descriptions below)
  • Prepare a 500 word or less description that describes your reason for nominating. 
  • Gather name(s), department/unit(s), and email addresses of all nominators.
Using the criteria for the award you've selected, please provide a brief narrative with examples that highlight why your nominee(s) should receive the selected award (approx. 500 words or less).