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More than 100 faculty are doing STS- related research at UMass Amherst.


The following UMass Amherst faculty either conduct research or teach courses that are related to science, technology, and society.

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Harper, Krista
Assistant Professor of Anthropology
413-577-0661, kharper'at', 1018 Thompson
Cultural Anthropology: Culture and the politics of social movements; political cology; medical anthropology; science and technology studies (STS); race, ethnicity, and human rights; area specializations in Eastern Europe (Hungary), Roma (Gypsy) diaspora, and the European Union

Holt, Brigitte
Assistant Professor of Anthropology
413-545-0697, holtb'at',
Biological Anthropology: human evolution, Ice Age, hunter-gatherer paleoecology, modern human origins, bone biology, funtional morphology, Europe

Keene, Arthur
Professor of Anthropology
413-545-0214, keene'at', Machmer Hall
Cultural Anthropology and Archaeology: Community cooperation, Grassroots community development. Community Service Learning. Kibbutz, Israel and North America.

Krause, Elizabeth
Assistant Professor of Anthropology
413-577-1205, ekrause'at', Machmer Hall
Cultural Anthropology: Italy

Mulholland, Mitchell
Director, UMass Archaeological Services; Research Professor of Anthropology
413-545-1626, mulholland'at', Blaisdell House
Archaeology: cultural resource management, applied archaeology, archaeology and the law. Northeast North America

Perez, Ventura
Assistant Professor of Anthropology
413-577-0662, vrperez'at',
Bio-Archaeology: Forensics in contemporary, historic, and ancient populations, the roots and expressions of violence. American Southwest and Mexico

Pi-Sunyer, Oriol
Professor of Anthropology
414-545-2880, oriol'at', Machmer Hall
Cultural Anthropology: political and economic anthropology, the modern state, minority nationalism, tourism, maritime anthropology. Europe, Mesoamerica.

Swedlund, Alan
Professor of Anthropology
413-545-1308, swedlund'at', Machmer Hall
Biological Anthropology; Social Biology

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Galvis-Assmus, Patricia
Associate Professor of Art
413-545-6938, tga'at', Fine Arts Center
Art/Design: Traditional fine arts combined with experimental film-making and digital technology. 

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Art History

La Follette, Laetitia
Associate Professor of Art History
413-545-0634, laelaf'at', Bartlett Hall
Mediterranean archaeology. Ancient history; classical world of Greece, Rome. Renaissance drawings of Roman antiquities (e.g. Palladia). Modern Greece and Italy. Instructional technology applications for teaching art history; involved in development of CD-ROM and web-based multimedia teaching tools. 

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Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Fitzgerald-Hayes, Molly
Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
413-545-0235, mollyfh'at', Lederle GRT Tower
Centromeres and kinetochores: molecular machines control chromosome movement

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Petersen, Sandra
Professor of Biology
413-545-4400, sandyp'at', Morrill Science Center
Process of ovulation. Treatment of infertility and new methods of contraception that interrupt the process of ovulation. Neuroscience; diversity in STEM

Phillis, Randall
Associate Professor of Biology
413-545-3494, rphillis'at', Morrill Science Center
Instructional technology: use of handheld transmitters in large lecture classes. 

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Anderson, Carolyn
Professor of Communication
413-545-3455, anderson'at', 308 Machmer
Film and television criticism; Media ethics; Media historiography

Carbaugh, Donal
Professor of Communication
413-545-3585, carbaugh'at', 314 Machmer
Communication theory; Interpersonal and (inter) cultural communication; Ethnography of communication; Environmental Communication, Nature in Cross-cultural Perspective

Castañeda, Mari
Assistant Professor of Communication
413-545-1307, paredes'at', 311 Machmer
Communication policy and new media development; the political economy of broadcasting and transnational telecommunications; history of regulation; cultural production in mass media.

Chakravartty, Paula
Assistant Professor of Communication
413-545-6346, pchakrav'at', 305 Machmer
Global Communications, Political Economy, Postcolonial Studies, Media and Social Movements

Chang, Briankle
Associate Professor of Communication
413-545-3742, bchang'at', 310 Machmer
Cultural studies; Media criticism; Philosophy of communication

Cooks, Leda
Associate Professor of Communication
413-545-2895, leda'at', 315 Machmer
Interpersonal/intercultural communication; Race and whiteness studies; Feminist, postcolonial and critical communication theory; Critical pedagogy; Conflict/mediation; Computer mediated communication; Identity, interaction, and the media

Geddes, Henry
Associate Professor of Communication
413-545-1901, geddes'at', 307 Machmer
Cultural Policy; Global Communication and International Relations

Fuentes-Bautista, Martha
Assistant Professor of Communication and Public Policy
413-545-3455, mfuentes'at', 308 Machmer
Telecommunication and community media policy; technology and inequality; immigration and new media technologies; global communications and institutions; communication policy in the Americas; social movements and new media technologies

Hanson, Jarice
Professor of Communication; also Verizon Chair in Telecommunications at Temple University
413-545-3519, jariceh'at', 301 Machmer
Technology; Media content; International effects and policies of technology transfer

Morgan, Michael
Professor of Communication
413-545-4314, mmorgan'at', 401Machmer
Television, socialization, and enculturation; International and intercultural effects of mass media; Effects and functions of new media technology; Social and familial contexts of media exposure.

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Computer Science

Hart, David
Director Center for Educational Software Development
413-545-3278, dhart'at', LGRC A325
Development and deployment of instructional technology for use on campus, the UMass Medical School and K-12 schools in Massachusetts; development of computer-based learning and tutoring technology for students

Jensen, David
Associate Professor of Computer Science
413-545-9677, jensen'at', Computer Science Bldg
Knowledge discovery, machine learning, computing policy. Homeland security: data mining. 

Fu, Kevin
Assistant Professor of Computer Science
413- 545-4006, kevinfu'at'; Computer Science Building
Security and privacy in implantable medical devices and computational RFIDs.

Kurose, James
Professor of Computer Science
413-545-1585, kurose'at', Computer Science Bldg
Telecommunication; computer networks; the Internet; educational software for children. Led Commonwealth IT Initiative, effort to develop information technology curriculum across 29-campus Massachusetts higher education system. 

Sondheimer, Norman
Director, Strategic Information Technology Center; Dean's Executive Professor of Computer Science
413-545-5654, sondheimer'at', Isenberg School of Management
Emerging issues in information technology in business; commercial applications of information technology; systems development methods for digital government information technology. 

Woolf, Beverly
Research Associate Professor of Computer Science
413-545-4265, bev'at', Computer Science Bldg
Computing: Intelligent tutors and educational software systems for students from K-12 through college. Human-machine communication; multimedia. Instructional technology: Building systems with extended multimedia and communication capabilities to produce real-time performance support and on-demand advisory and tutoring systems. Instructional applications include human physiology, mathematics, manufacturing, molecular genetics, K-12 education, art history, geosciences, chemistry, history, forestry, and microbiology. Led development On-line Web-based Learning (OWL) homework system for use by UMass faculty. Along with Carole Beal, psychology, produced a software program aimed at easing math anxiety in girls. 

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Ash, Michael
Associate Professor Economics and Public Policy
(413) 545-6329,, 814 Thompson Hall
Healthcare workers, Environmental justice, Civil rights and health, Empirical microeconomics

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Forman, George
President, Videatives, Inc. and Professor Emeritus of Education
413-256-8846, GEForman'at',
Child development, Toy design, Pre-school education, ages 2-5, Digital technology for children, Holidays and children. 

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Environmental Institute, The

Nelson, Chad
Research Associate Professor of The Environmental Institute
413-545-2842, cnelson'at', ELAB 201d
Industrial energy efficiency; Industrial pollution and pollution controls; Green Chemistry

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Food Science

Clydesdale, Fergus
Distinguished Professor of Food Science and Head of Department
413-545-2275, fergc'at', 230 Chenoweth Laboratory
Science policy and regulation; Food safety; Physical-chemical changes in processing; Mineral interactions in foods; Technological optimization of physiological, functional and bioactive properties of food.

Labbe, Ronald G.
Professor of Food Science
413-545-1021, rlabbe'at', Chenoweth Laboratory, Room 342
Food microbiology; food-borne disease agents. Bacterial sporulation and germination. Effects of caffeine on microbial growth and metabolism. Effect of natural products on food-borne pathogens. 

Shetty, Kalidas
Professor of Food Science
413-545-1022, kalidas'at', Chenoweth Laboratory, Room 340
Food biotechnology. Production of natural disease-fighting and food preservative agents. Phenolic pathways in plants, primarily of the mint and legume family. (Phenolics are complex sequences of biochemical reactions by which plants produce certain chemicals to help the body resist disease and help food last longer.) Disease and stress challenges. Policy Interest: Currently Jefferson Science Fellow advising the US State Department on scientific issues influencing diplomacy and global development.

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Brigham-Grette, Julie
Professor of Geosciences
413-545-4840, brigham-grette'at', Morrill Science Center
Climate and weather: Glacial and sea-level history of the Bering Strait, Alaska, and adjacent areas of Russia and the Arctic. General questions of glacial geology, ice-sheet history, sea-level change, climate. Recent research on sediments recovered from the lakebed of a remote, frozen lake in eastern Siberia.

Hardy, Doug
Professor of Geosciences
413-545-0659, dhardy'at',
Climate and weather: High-elevation climate; paleoclimatology; mountain glaciers. Interactions between land, atmosphere and ice- and snow-covered surfaces in Canadian high Arctic; paleoclimatic research on Arctic lake sediments. Disintegration of glaciers of Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa. Global warming. 

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Cox, Robert
Head of Special Collections & University Archives; Adj. Professor of History
413-545-6842, rscox'at', 2526 W.E.B. Du Bois Library
Early Republic; history of natural sciences; history of religion

Glassberg, David
Professor of History
413-545-4252, glassberg'at', Herter 608
Modern U.S., Cultural, Public and Environmental history

Lovett, Laura
Assistant Professor of History
413-545-6778, lovett'at', Herter 635
Gender, race, eugenics, and the family in twentieth century America; Pronatalism and family ideals; Nutrition and child study

Ogilvie, Brian
Associate Professor of History
413-545-1599, ogilvie'at', Herter Hall 624
Renaissance and early modern Europe, history of science, history of religion; history of natural history; cultural history of the "argument from design."

Owens, Larry
Professor of History
413-545-6775, lowens'at', Herter 614
History of engineering, the laboratory as a workplace, mathematical machinery and computers as cultural artifacts, the relationships between science, technology, and culture

Schmalzer, Sigrid
Assistant Professor of History
413-545-6776, sigrid'at', Herter 631
History of science, with a focus on popular science in twentieth-century China. Particular interests include intersections of elite scientific and popular forms of knowledge, socialist-era attempts to integrate mental and manual labor, youth and science, agricultural science, and the cultural and political dimensions of knowledge about human evolution.

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Hospitality and Tourism Management

Enghagen, Linda
Associate Professor of Hospitality and Tourism Management
413-545-4044, lke'at', Flint Laboratory 204C
Professional ethics; hotel overbooking; the law and the hospitality industry; intellectual property; trade secrets; product liability; time management; smoking: second-hand smoke issues; sexual harassment in the workplace. Also an attorney. 

Klar, Lawrence
Professor Emeritus of Hospitality and Tourism Management
413-545-6639, lklar'at',
Recreation resource management, including user capacity, multiple-use conflicts. Tourism, quality of life assessments, and survey research. 

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Israel, William
Assistant Professor of Journalism
413-545-5923, bisrael', Bartlett Hall
Information technology: computer-assisted reporting, online journalism. Politics and communication: Karl Rove. 

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Landscape Architecture & Regional Planning

Hamin, Mark
Lecturer of Regional Planning
413-545-6608, mhamin'at', Hills North
the influence of life sciences on the development of the planning field; urban infrastructural and ecological history; social/cultural perspectives on environmental risk, security, and 'quality of life' in cities; and the long-term impact of technologically-transformed food ecologies/economies 

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Arons, Stephen
Professor of Legal Studies
413-545-3536, arons'at', 120 Gordon Hall
Constitutional, ethical and policy aspects of health care, especially end-of-life care, advance directives and physician assistance in palliative care; Constitutional dimensions of individual and cultural freedom in elementary and secondary schooling policy; Civil rights enforcement.

Darian-Smith, Eve
Professor of Legal Studies
413-577-0614, darian-smith'at', 115 Gordon Hall
Intersections and Connections between Law, Politics, and Culture

Gaitenby, Alan
Lecturer of Legal Studies
413-577-1394, gaitenby'at', 106 Gordon Hall
Law and information technology; Online dispute resolution; Power and application of databases

Katsh, Ethan
Professor of Legal Studies
413-545-5879, katsh'at', 107 Gordon Hall
Law and legal issues related to computers, computing networks, and new information technologies. Conflict resolution on the Internet. Co-founder, with Janet Rifkin, of the Center for Information Technology and Dispute Resolution. 

Mednicoff, David
Assistant Professor of Legal Studies
413-577-1238, mednic'at', Thompson 438 and Gordon Hall 109
comparative and international law; Middle Eastern and North African politics; human rights; US policy in the Middle East and Africa; globalization; the rule of law in Arab societies; Islam and politics; technology, media and governance in the Middle East and North Africa; the interface between comparative politics and international relations

Rifkin, Janet
Dean-College of Social and Beh. Sciences; Professor of Legal Studies
413-545-5881, jrifkin'at', South College
Computing: Conflict resolution on the Internet. Law: Co-founder, with Ethan Katsh, of the Center for Information Technology and Dispute Resolution

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Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Baker, Erin
Assistant Professor of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
413-545-0670, edbaker'at', 120C Marsten
Energy technology policy in response to climate change

Goldstein, Joseph
Distinguished Professor of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
413-545-2165, jig0'at', Engineering Laboratory, Rm 313
Astronomy, geosciences: Geology of meteorites and lunar rocks. Engineering education; technical education. Led Commonwealth IT Initiative, effort to develop information technology curriculum across 29-campus higher education system.

Marquard, Jenna
Assistant Professor of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
413-545‑0646, jlmarquard'at', 120G Marston Hall
Presenting models and analyses to decision makers; consumer, executive and policy-level decision-making in health care; measuring decision quality for decisions under uncertainty

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Karpinski, Gary S.
Professor of Music; Coordinator of Music Theory
413-545-4229, garykarp'at', 272 Music Building, Fine Arts Center
Music perception, listening; music training; 20th-century music; music theory and technology. 

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Natural Resources Conservation

Damery, David
Lecturer of Natural Resources Conservation
413-545-1770, ddamery'at', Holdsworth Hall 120
Forest product marketing, natural resources economics, and market research. 

Fisette, Paul
Director, Building Materials Technology and Management Program; Professor of Natural Resources Conservation
413-545-1771, pfisette'at', Holdsworth Hall
Light-frame construction; housing; energy efficiency; sustainable construction practices; material/product performance and structural properties of building materials; wood and wood-based products. 

Hoadley, Bruce
Professor of Natural Resources Conservation (retired)
413-545-1834, hoadley'at', Holdsworth Hall
Foresty/wildlife: Building materials: General wood science and wood product technology. Criminal justice: Role of wood evidence in criminal investigations and civil court cases. History: historic furniture; Hoadley is often consulted to help verify authenticity of museum collections of historic furniture; assisted in cataloging and refurbishing of furniture collection at U.S. Department of State.

Schweik, Charlie
Assistant Professor of Natural Resource Conservation and Public Policy
413-545-1842, cschweik'at', 217 Holdsworth Hall
Online collaboration; Open Source and Open Standards; Environmental management and policy

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Foster, Jennifer
Assistant Professor of Nursing
413-545-1243, jwfoster'at', Arnold House, Rm 314
Medical anthropology, including cultural diversity in health and illness; race; social inequality; Latin American and Latino populations in populations in the U.S. Gender issues: women's reproductive health and rights, gender relations, midwifery and health care.

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Office of Information Technologies

Alvarez, Rosio
Exec Director/Deputy CIO of Office of Information Technologies
413-545-1955, alvarez'at', Lederle GRC
Information Technology

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Matthews, Gareth
Professor of Philosophy
413-545-5801,matthews'at', Bartlett Hall
Ancient and medieval philosophy; philosophy of religion; medical ethics; philosophy of childhood

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Dinsmore, Anthony
Assistant Professor of Physics
413-545-3786, dinsmore'at', Hasbrouck Laboratory
Development of targeted pharmaceutical therapies and nutrition-enhanced foods known as “nutraceuticals,” and nanoscopic sensors for medical imaging and diagnostics. Nanotechnology.

Sternheim, Morton
Director, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Teacher Education Collaborative (STEMTEC) STEM Education Institute; Physics,
Hasbrouck Laboratory, Rm 229
Teacher training: STEMTEC is a major initiative aimed at improving science and math education by helping teachers evaluate and modify their teaching methods, and providing support and mentoring to aspiring teachers. Collaborators include other members of the Five Colleges, local community colleges, and a number of K-12 schools.

Tuominen, Mark
Co-director MassNanoTech; Associate Professor of Physics
413-545-1944, tuominen'at', Hasbrouck Laboratory
Polymer self-assembly and development of magnetic data storage techniques. Nanotechnology. 

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Plant, Soil and Insect Sciences

Cooley, Daniel
Associate Professor of Plant, Soil and Insect Sciences
413-545-0179, dcooley'at', Fernald Hall
Agriculture as a business; Sustaintable agriculture; Pesticides and related agricultural and ecological issues; alternative methods for plant disease management; plant disease impact on society; pollution effects on plants; integrated pest management. 

Manning, William
Professor of Plant, Soil and Insect Sciences
413-545-2289, wmanning'at', Fernald Hall
Environment: Biological effects of air pollution and global climate-change on plants; growth, productivity, and interactions with fungi. 

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Political Science

Bushouse, Brenda
Assistant Professor of Political Science and Public Policy
413-545-1453, bushouse'at', Thompson Hall, Rm 340
Nonprofit and public management; Early education and care policy

Fountain, Jane
Professor of Political Science and Public Policy
413-545-1007, fountain'at', 406 Thompson
Information technology and institutional change, Networked government, Gender and computing, Organizations

Haas, Peter
Professor of Political Science
413-545-6174, haas'at', Thompson Hall
International Relations, International Environmental Politics and Policy, International Political Economy, Globalization & Governance

Hird, John
Professor of Political Science and Public Policy
413-545-6184, jhird'at', 314 Thompson
Expertise and policy advising, Use of science and technical knowledge in policymaking, Policy analysis, Environmental policy

Peterson, MJ
Professor of Political Science
413-545-6171, mjp'at', Thompson
World Politics; International Institutions; International Political Economy; technology and technological change.

Sedgwick, Jeffrey
Associate Professor of Political Science
413-545-6189, sedgwick'at', 336 Thompson
Public Policy and Political Economy

Shulman, Stuart
Assistant Professor of Political Science
413-545-5375, stu'at', 428 Thompson
American national government, environmental policy, sprawl, information technology, qualitative research methods, digital citizenship, governance, and service-learning

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Polymer Science & Engineering

Bermudez, Harry
Assistant Professor of Polymer Science and Engineering
413-577-1413, bermudez'at', Conte Research Center A-413
Synthetic and natural biomimetic materials, self-assembling nanotechnology, and gene delivery

Emrick, Todd
Assistant Professor of Polymer Science and Engineering
413-577-1613, tsemrick'at', Conte Polymer Center
Nanoscopic materials and quantum dots. Development of targeted pharmaceutical therapies and nutrition-enhanced foods known as “nutraceuticals,” and nanoscopic sensors for medical imaging and diagnostics. Nanotechnology.

Lenz, Robert
Professor Emeritus of Polymer Science and Engineering
413 256-6140, rwlenz'at', Conte Research Center A628
Biodegradable plastics; plastics waste disposal, pollution; biotechnology. Synthesis of polymers by bacteria. 

Russell, Thomas
Silvio O. Conte Distiguished Professor of Polymer Science and Engineering, Director, Materials Research Science and Engineering Center
413-577-1516, russell'at', Conte Polymer Center
Various topics in the field, including how scientists are creating still-smaller integrated circuits, greater magnetic storage in computer, and on-chip-sensors; creation of precise arrays of nanowires and extremely fine resolution images on computer monitors; Nanotechnology.

Watkins, James
Co-director MassNanoTech; Associate Professor of Polymer Science & Engineering
413-545-2569, watkins'at', Goessmann Laboratory
Process technology using supercritical CO2 to enable the deposition of metals and porous dielectrics (insulators) at the nanoscale. Nanotechnology

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Aizen, Icek
Professor of Psychology
413-545-0509, aizen'at', Tobin 625
Social Psychology: Relation between verbal attitudes and overt behavior

Averill, James
Professor of Psychology
413-545-0819, averill'at', Tobin 636
Stress and emotion; creativity; history and systems of psychology; personality theory

Blass, Elliott
Professor of Psychology
413-545-0283, eblass'at', Tobin 417
Behavioral Neuroscience; Cognitive Development

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Blaustein, Jeffrey
Professor of Psychology; member of Neuroscience and Behavior Program and Center for Neuroendocrine Studies
413-545-1524, blaustein'at', Tobin 536
Reproductive neuroendocrinology; Neuronal responses to ovarian hormones; Ovarian hormones and behavior; Environmental influences on brain, behavior and hormones; Hormones and sexual behavior; Hormone replacement therapy for menopausal symptoms; Neurotransmitters and hormones; Neuroscience; Sex differences in brain function.

Cave, Kyle
Professor of Psychology
413-545-2787, kcave'at', Tobin 432
Visual cognition, visual attention, visual imagery, and object recognition.

Corp, Eric
Research Associate Professor of Psychology
413-545-4295, escorp'at', Tobin 518
Behavioral Psychology; Neural control of food intake; Neurobiological and neuroendocrine controls of regulatory behavior

Dasgupta, Nilanjana
Assistant Professor of Psychology
413-545-0049, dasgupta'at', Tobin 635
Social Psychology; Nonconscious social cognition; stereotypes and prejudice; women and participation in science and technology

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DeVries, Geert
Professor of Psychology
413-545-0663, gjd'at', Tobin 528
Neurochemical basis of differences or lack of differences in male/female behavior. Neuroscience.

Feldman, Robert
Professor of Psychology
413-545-0130, feldman'at', Tobin 631
Social psychology; Self-presentation and lying; Use of technology in education

Fite, Katherine
Professor of Psychology
413-545-0351, kfite'at', Bartlett 21C
How the brain receives, processes, and interprets visual information transmitted from the retina of the eye. Visual stimulation and behavior. Light stimulation as it influences biological rhythms, moods, and emotions. Neuroscience.

Forger, Nancy
Professor of Psychology
413-545-5982, nforger'at', Tobin 532
Development during the fetal stage of structural differences in the nervous systems of male and female mammals. Neuroscience.

Hayes, UnJa
Assistant Professor of Psychology
413-545-5955, unja'at', Tobin 530
Behavioral Neuroscience; Prairie voles and how their parental behavior is influenced by biological factors; Clinical applications for the prevention of child abuse and neglect and postpartum depression

Hurley, Eric
Visiting Assistant Professor of Psychology
413-545-5941, ehurley'at', Tobin 629
Social psychology; Link of cultural context and cognition and behavior

Jakob, Elizabeth
Professor of Psychology
413-547-0707, ejakob'at', Middlesex 107
Behavioral ecology; Biology of invasive species; Spiders

Janoff-Bulman, Ronnie
Professor of Psychology
413-545-0264, janbul'at', Tobin 628
Social Psychology

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Meyer, Jerrold
Professor of Psychology
413-545-2168, jmeyer'at', Tobin 526
Behavioral neuroscience; Neurochemical, neurotoxic, and behavioral effects of psychostimulant drugs; Neuropharmacology

Novak, Melinda
Chair of Department of Psychology
413-545-2387, mnovak'at', Tobin 439
Primate Behavior:Development and Aging, Complex Cognitive Processing, Psychological Well-Being; Behavioral Neuroscience

Pietromonaco, Paula
Professor of Psychology
413-545-0488, monaco'at', Tobin 638
Social Psychology: Cognitive and affective processes in the context of close relationships

Shapiro, Ilana
Assistant Professor of Psychology
413-577-0492, ishapiro'at' Tobin 632
Social Psychology; Conflict Analysis

Staub, Ervin
Professor of Psychology
413-545-0071, estaub'at', Tobin 637
Social Psychology; behavior and altruism; passivity of bystanders in the face of others' needs the development of caring; helping altruism and ways to reduce aggression in children; roots and prevention of violence between groups, especially mass killings, genocide and terrorism, as well as reconciliation after violence.

Wade, George
Professor of Psychology
413-545-0772, gwade'at', Tobin 525
Behavioral neuroscience; Nutritional infertility; Reproduction and energy balance

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Resource Economics

Moffitt, L. Joe
Professor of Resource Economics
413-545-5719, moffitt'at', 212B Stockbridge Hall
New technology and biosecurity in crop protection

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Anderton, Douglas
Director, Social and Demographic Research Institute; Professor of Sociology
413-545-5973, dla'at', Machmer W35
Demographics; America's population history; race and ethnicity; "grammars of death" research; societal implications of nanotechnology

Clawson, Dan
Professor of Sociology
413-545-5974, clawson'at', Machmer W36C
Social movements; labor relations and work hours

Platt, Gerald
Professor of Sociology
413-545-0456, platt'at', Thompson 624
Social Movements; Theory, History and Sociology of the Civil Rights Movement

Stokes, Randall
Professor of Sociology
413-545-4060, stokes'at', Thompson 714
Social Change, Political Economy of the World System and Stratification; Income and wealth distribution

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Sport Management

McKelvey, Steve
Assistant Professor of Sport Management
413-545-5066, mckelvey'at', Isenberg SOM Bldg, Rm 236C
“Ambush” marketing; sports sponsorship and sales. Sports law and intellectual property. 

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Cottom, Michael
Assistant Professor of Theater
413-545-6821, mcottom'at', 112 Fine Arts Center, Ofc. 2
Technical theater; computer-assisted design and drafting; technology 

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