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Interivewees for case: StemCell

Jong-kuk Yi

High School Teacher, Seoul

Jong-kuk Yi is a 35-year-old male high school teacher in Seoul. He supports the new South Korean stem cell center and feels that Kun Chung’s actions conform to Asian ethical conceptions and that the media is vilifying Kun Chung. He lives in Seoul with his wife and infant son.

Kun Chung

Principal Researcher

Kun Chung is a 54-year-old unmarried scientist at the South Korean stem cell center. Initially trained as a veterinarian, he is currently serving as a veterinary faculty member at National University in Seoul. Through extensive research on stem cells and successful cloning of a cow, he developed an international reputation for expertise in the field, as well as significant public support in South Korea for his research.

Dam-bi Choi

Anonymous Female Research Assistant

Dam-bi Choi is the name we will use for a 24-year-old female research assistant to Kun Chung who wishes to remain anonymous. She felt pressured to donate her eggs in order to maintain her job.

In-young Park

Female Research Assistant

In-young Park is a 25-year-old daughter of a middle-class family whose father works for the national government in a budgeting office. She works as a research assistant to Kun Chung and voluntarily donated her eggs under a false name.

Dong-gun Kim

Senior Researcher

Dong-gun Kim is a 49-year-old senior researcher who has worked at the South Korean stem cell center with Kun Chung and other senior researchers since its opening. He does not personally agree with compensating the egg donors but struggled with whether to report what he knew.

Jong-kuk Lee

Junior Researcher

Jong-kuk Lee is a 28-year-old male junior researcher working at the South Korean stem cell center. He is a friend of Yoon-hee Pak, whose egg donation causes his conflicted feelings about reporting what he perceives to be wrongdoing and protecting Yoon-hee Pak’s privacy.

Hyo-ri Kim

Donation Volunteer

Hyo-ri Kim is a 27-year-old female nurse in a pediatric unit of a major hospital in Seoul. She is from a middle-class family and was not compensated for her egg donation.

Robert Wilson

Biomedical Researcher, Berkeley

Robert Wilson is a 58-year-old male researcher in California who has participated in joint research projects with Kun Chung before. He frequently speaks at professional conferences and annual meetings, and upon hearing claims that Kun Chung’s female lab assistants had donated their eggs and claims that other donors were paid for their donations, James announced separation from research collaboration with Kun Chung.

Han-byul Kong

Social Worker, Ansan

Han-byul Kong is a 32-year-old female social worker in Ansan. She is a supporter of the new South Korean stem cell center and wants her country to be viewed as competitive in the international scientific research arena.

Yoon-hee Pak

Donation Volunteer

Yoon-hee Pak is a low-income, 26-year-old single mother of two who was compensated $1,500 (U.S. currency equivalent) for her egg donation.

Dong-gun Lee

Member of the Institutional Review Board, Seoul National University Hospital

Dong-gun Lee is a 54-year-old male member of the IRB at National University Hospital in Seoul. He holds a Ph.D. in cellular and molecular from biology from Yonsei University and has served on the IRB for three years. He lives in Seoul with his wife and two children.

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