description of each level

Junior - Opus 4

Junior group are students who can read reasonably well in first position on all 4 strings and play one octave scales in the keys of G, D and C major when the sharps are on the D and A strings. (Violinists and violists won't necessarily be able to play low first fingers or high third fingers in those keys, and cellists will not necessarily be able to play extensions for F and C sharp on the lower strings) They should be able to negotiate rhythms with whole, half, dotted half, quarter, (possibly dotted quarter) and eighth notes.

(Elementary School age)

Intermediate - Opus 3
Intermediate group should have the above skills and should also be able to play a 2 octave G major scale (with violists and cellists and basses shifting position) and also a one octave scale in the key of F major and will be able to play low 1st and high 3rd fingers (violin and viola) and backward and forward extensions (cello) Cellists should also be able to play up to high E on their A string in orchestral literature. They should also be able to play rhythms containing 16th notes and dotted eighth notes.

(middle school with advanced elementary students)

Senior - Opus 2

Senior group should have advanced skills.  They should be able to shift through positions 1-8th with knowledge and fluidity.  Repertoire should include Solo Bach, a classical concerto and have knowledge of chromaticism.  The reading sessions will have advanced repertoire such as a Haydn string quartet and the Tchaikovsky Serenade. . 

(High School ages)

     music to download

Junior - Opus 4

Mozart - Entree  

Doug Spata - Gargoyles  

Vaclar Nelhybel - Marcato  

Intermediate - Opus 3

Warlock - Capriol Suite

Manookian Ararat Dances




Senior - Session 1 (Opus 2)

Mozart String Quartet in C Major, K. 157

Smetana String Quartet; Allegro vivo appassionato - (First mov't only)

Schubert "Death & the Maiden": Andante con moto (second movement only)

Bass Quartet - music TBD

Senior - Session 2 (Opus 2)

(all senior participants)

Britten Simple Symphony


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