STPEC's Academic Quality and Assessment Review
from 2004-2005


Explanation of AQAD Review

The University of Massachusetts Board of Trustees mandates that all academic programs be regularly reviewed on a five to seven year schedule.  They have termed this process the Academic Quality and Assessment (AQAD) Review.  In the academic year 2004-2005, STPEC, along with other departments and programs of the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, undertook its AQAD Review.  After conferring with Dean Janet Rifkin about what questions our report should address, STPEC prepared the self-study included here, a lengthy process to which all STPEC staff contributed.

Our self-study was sent to our AQAD review team, consisting of Professor Emeritus  Philip Green, Smith College (chair); Professor Barbara Harlow, University of Texas at Austin, and Professor Adolf Reed, University of Pennsylvania, several weeks in advance of its visit.  The team visited the campus on April 13-15, 2005, eating dinner at Pinocchio’s Restaurant with many Five College faculty who have taught for STPEC, participating in a STPEC community potluck, visiting several STPEC classes, and meeting with various groups within the STPEC community, including instructors, staff, and students, and the Dean and the Provost   In May the team submitted its report, included here.

AQAD Self Study Overview
AQAD Self Study
List of Appendices
STPEC AQAD Team Report