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Special Fall 13 STPEC course offering to be taught by visiting Five College Social Justice Practitioner

For the fall 2013 semester only STPEC will be offering

STPEC 397C: The Impact of Mass Criminalization on Women

2 credits, graded (optional pass/fail)
Schedule # 40416

After four decades of rapid growth in incarceration rates, activism around prison reform and mass incarceration is accelerating nationwide. The rise of female imprisonment raises issues in incarceration policy specific to gender and maternity. From negligible levels in the postwar period, the incarceration of women has grown rapidly since 1980, even faster than the shocking growth in male imprisonment, and more than 200,000 women are now incarcerated in Federal, state, and local facilities with a million more on parole, on probation, or under other correctional supervision.

This two-credit blended course will introduce the contemporary history of incarceration, Abolitionist and Revolutionary perspectives on the incarceration crisis, and prospects for healing, organizing, and social change. Instructor Tina Reynolds is co-founder and Executive Director of Women on the Rise Telling HerStory (WORTH;, an NYC-based association of currently and formerly incarcerated women that uses organizing, leadership development, mentoring, mutual support, and storytelling, to transform the lives of women affected by incarceration and change public perception and policy.

Instructors will be Tina Reynolds, Visiting Resident Five College Social Justice Practitioner and Michael Ash, Chair of the Economics Department and previous Acting STPEC Program Director.

Course meeting times:
2 Mondays 10/21 & 11/18 – 7:00-9:00 pm (dinner included)
2 Fridays 10/25 & 11/22 – 12:00-2:00 pm (lunch included)

Interested students should contact Michael Ash, to learn more about course admission and requirements. To request enrollment in this course please submit Name, Class Year, Major, SPIRE ID number and, in a statement of one page or less, answer these questions: (1) What is your interest in incarceration? (2) Have you experienced directly or indirectly the impact of incarceration? and (3) What might a highly incarcerated society mean to you in the future?