To accommodate students' broad interests and diverse backgrounds, course requirements are flexible.


Syllabi for Spring 2014


STPEC 391H: STPEC Seminar I

STPEC 392H: STPEC Seminar II

STPEC 393A: Writing for Critical Consciousness

STPEC 491H: Global Health Inequalities

STPEC 493H: American Labor: Theory, Work, and Movements


Syllabi for Fall 2013


STPEC 391H: STPEC Seminar I


Syllabi for Spring 2013


STPEC 291X: Executive Committee



Syllabi for Spring 2011


STPEC 391H: STPEC Seminar I

STPEC 491H: Occupation as Sovereign Excess

STPEC 492H: Assaults on the Environment

STPEC 493H: Artivism and the Social Imagination


Syllabi for Fall 2009


STPEC 491H: Media and Politics in the Global South

STPEC 493H: Black Paris


Syllabi for Spring 2009


STPEC 197I Intro to STPEC

391H Junior Seminar I

392H Junior Seminar II

491H Political Economy of the Environment

492H Decolonial Forces:
Black and Indigenous Movements in Latin America:
Challenging Neoliberal Globalization & Creating Alternative Futures

493H Research Methods for Social Change


Syllabi for Fall 2008


391H Junior Seminar I

392H Junior Seminar II

393A Writing for Critical Conscousness

491H The (Neo)Colonial Present:  Afghanistan, Palestine, and Iraq

492H Black Politics: Cartographies of Race and Class

493H Religion, State, Secularization: Negotiating Jewish Modernities