Advisors work with students to help them conceptualize what they want to get out of the major.

Process for Petitioning for Upper Level Course Requirements

You have the option of requesting that a course not on our published Recommended Course List be counted towards one of your five upper level requirements.

To start this process, please bring a syllabus, or course description if you don’t have a syllabus, to our Chief Academic Advisor or our Assistant Academic Advisor for review. If you have already taken, or are taking, the course, please also bring in any papers you have written for the class.

Your Advisor will:
1) bring the syllabus to office staff for approval, or
2) if it is summer or there is a time constraint about the approval process, the STPEC Academic Advisors are authorized to personally approve or disapprove the class on their own. In this case, they must still bring the syllabus to staff, unless it’s summer, to report their decision.

If your request is denied you have the option of bringing your case to the STPEC office staff again yourself to contest the decision.

Please keep in mind: these courses are for UPPER LEVEL requirements and must count for at least 3 credits. 100 level classes will be automatically denied. Courses may come from any University/College level program in the world.