To accommodate students' broad interests and diverse backgrounds, course requirements are flexible.


PLEASE NOTE: Instructors are not able to "officially" add students into a class. If you cannot add a STPEC course using SPIRE you must complete a STPEC add request form.

This form will be used to add you either directly to the roster of your requested course or to the wait list which will be processed after the class has met at least one time.

Students must complete STPEC Seminar I before they will be able to take any other STPEC seminars. If you are currently taking STPEC Seminar I you will be able to register for other STPEC seminars, but if you have not completed STPEC Seminar I by Thursday, August 1 you will be taken off of any other STPEC seminar rosters.

We cannot add you into a course if it will take you over your credit limit or if it will create a time conflict in your schedule. If you are planning on dropping courses, please remember that we will not be able to process this add form until you have dropped enough courses to have the required number of credits available. If you are afraid to drop before you are certain you will be put into your requested course you should speak with Deborah when you turn in this form. If you need a credit override to allow you to take more than the normally allowed number of credits, you must apply to the Arts and Sciences Advising Office across the hall from the STPEC Program Office in Machmer Hall. Your verbal assurance that you intend to drop other courses or obtain an override is not enough. The computer simply will not allow us to add any more courses to your schedule if you do not have enough credits available.

On December 8th we will process all add request forms.
We will put as many students as possible into the classes they have requested.

For courses which are over 75% full, requests will be prioritized according to the following guidelines:
1. Special Needs Students (i.e.; a Junior who is going abroad for a year and who needs to graduate on time).
2. Seniors will have priority over Juniors who will have priority over Sophomores.
3. Students with the same graduation status will be prioritized on a first come first served basis.

To add a STPEC Internship, please fill out a STPEC Internship Form;
to add a STPEC Independent Study, please fill out a STPEC Independent Study Form;
for all other STPEC courses which are not listed on page one please use SPIRE to add - or, if this is not possible, contact the instructor of the course.

Commonwealth College Students
Courses toward the Culminating Experience:
If you would like to take STPEC 499Y, 499T (Research and Thesis) or 499P (Project) you will need to register through the Commonwealth College Office.