The Jenzabar Foundation 2009 Student Leadership Awards will recognize student leaders who have made a significant impact by helping to make the world a better place.

The Jenzabar Foundation 2009 Student Leadership Awards


The Jenzabar Foundation is pleased to announce the opening of nominations
for its second annual Student Leadership Awards. We invite nominations from
individuals, educational institutions, or non-profit organizations that have
produced work that is consistent with the mission of The Jenzabar

The mission of The Jenzabar Foundation is to recognize and support the good
works and humanitarian efforts of student leaders serving others across the
global community. The Foundation seeks to foster a culture of service and to
educate and inspire future generations to create a better world.

The Jenzabar Foundation 2009 Student Leadership Awards will recognize
student leaders who have made a significant impact by helping to make the
world a better place outside of their educational communities, either
through work with a campus group or other recognized non-profit

Nominations are open to student(s) enrolled in any institution of higher
education. Self-nominations, nominations by recognized non-profit
organizations and nominations made by a representative of the institution
will be accepted.

Nomination process
Please provide a write-up that includes:

1. The name of the Individual(s) being nominated for recognition of their
service work.
2. The name of the higher education institution that the individual(s),
is/are affiliated with.
3. The name of the non-profit organization, student group or activity in
which the nominated student(s) participated, and confirmation of non-profit
4. A description of the endeavors of the group or organization with detail
on the specific contributions of the nominated student(s). The description
should include how the activity was initiated and the outcomes or expected
outcomes of the activity described. The description also should include
funding and sources of funding for the activity, the number of participants
providing the service and their organizational structure, the identification
of the beneficiaries of the service, how the service was delivered, and how
its impact was recognized. Photographs, video or other imagery is welcome*.
5. A contact at the institution or non-profit organization who is familiar
with the participant(s) and work described in Item 4, and a contact who can
speak for the recipients of the nominated group's service.

Other Considerations:
Please DO NOT use the Jenzabar Foundation's Grant Application form to submit
a nomination.
Nominations should be delivered in an MS Word-compatible or PDF-formatted
Nomination write-ups have no set length, but the write-up should be
compelling and comprehensive in order to best represent the service and
impact of the service.
Nominations should be submitted as an attachment to an email addressed to:

Nominations must be received by March 31, 2009.

Nominations will be evaluated based on the information provided that
identifies the positive impact and value that the group or project has
brought to the beneficiaries of its service. The scope of the project,
accomplishment relative to available funding, and the perception of the
activity as a model for other organizations, institutions or student groups
will also factor into the evaluation. There may be follow-up questions that
will be addressed to one of the contacts provided (as requested in "E"
above) if more information is deemed necessary to fully evaluate the

Finalists will be announced in April 2009. Winners will be announced May
2009. Winners will be notified prior to the announcement date, as The
Jenzabar Foundation will request the presence of the student leader(s)
and/or a representative of the organization at the announcement event.

Awards will be delivered in the form of a $5000 grant to the institution or
non-profit organization listed on the nomination form with the expectation
that the funds will be used to continue the work advanced by the student

One award will be given for service in each of the following categories:

1. Local community support to assist individuals or groups that are
underserved through existing community resources; i.e. after-school programs
for children, home visits for the elderly, Habitat for Humanity projects;
2. International humanitarian efforts; i.e. natural disaster relief,
cultural exchange programs, overseas education or health-care assistance,
poverty alleviation;
3. Campus Ministry programs that reach outside campus boundaries;
4. Education outreach to groups or individuals not enrolled in the
5. Environmental protection, natural resource management, alternative energy
promotion, or climate/habitat awareness;
6. Health care provisioning or awareness; and
7. Issue advocacy targeted to local, state or federal government