The Tisdale Fellowship is designed
for outstanding graduate and undergraduate students who are interested in technology
and public policy.

Tisdale Fellowship

The Tisdale Fellowship <> is designed
for outstanding graduate and undergraduate students who are interested in
technology and public policy. Undergraduates must be in either their junior
or senior year. The selection committee will be looking for students with a
concrete record of academic achievement and civic mindedness (community
activities or organization). A background in computer science or other
high-technology fields is helpful but not required.

The Fellowship has two components: a full-time 8 week public policy
internship with a high-tech company, firm or trade association, and weekly
issues seminar lunches hosted by Tisdale sponsors. The Fellowship offers a
$5,000 grant to students who are accepted.

The first of its kind, the Eben Tisdale Fellowship brings eligible students
to Washington, D.C. for internships that explore current public policy
issues of critical importance to the high technology sector of the economy.
The Fellowship has two main elements:

1) Internships: One principal feature of the Fellowship is an eight-week
internship in the government relations office of a leading high technology
company or association. In the recent past, fellows have interned at such
companies as Agilent Technologies, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, and Infotech
Strategies. While sponsoring companies will vary from year to year, the
Advisory Board makes every effort to retain high quality internship
opportunities. Fellows have an opportunity to observe first hand the
development and advocacy of public policy issues in Congress, the
Administration and industry associations and to participate in projects of
their own, focusing on current critical issues.

2) Issues Seminar:The other main element of the fellowship is a weekly
issues seminar organized with the assistance of the sponsoring companies and
associations. Expert speakers lead discussions of current public policy
issues in Washington, and the methods the high technology industry uses for
effective advocacy. In the past, topics have included global electronic
commerce, protection of privacy, export controls, digital intellectual
property protection, biotechnology issues and educational technology policy.
The seminars give Fellows an opportunity to reflect on the appropriate role
industry policy advocacy can have on public policy making at the Federal
level. Conducted over lunch, the seminars also provide a weekly venue for
fellows to meet and compare notes on their experiences.

Fellows also are encouraged, through a variety of events and discussions, to
reflect on how growing high technology affects society, culture and the
global economy.

The goal of the Fellowship is to create a supportive and collegial
environment in which a new class of public policy professionals will be
mentored to help ensure that the high-tech industry continues to have highly
capable and well-trained individuals in both policy advocacy and senior
management positions.

Who is eligible for a Tisdale Fellowship?
Students with an interest in public policy and the high-tech industry in
their Junior or Senior year, or in a graduate program are welcome to apply.
A background in computer science or other high technology fields is helpful,
but not required. Additionally, international students are also eligible for
the Fellowship.

The selection committee will evaluate your application, official
transcripts, evaluation forms, and an essay. The Board will then recommend
the most outstanding applicants to the program. The Board will be
considering your completed application materials, as well as looking for:

* Examples of a strong interest in a career in high-tech public policy;
* Civic mindedness and participation in community activities or
* Past academic achievements;
* Strong recommendations from faculty, supervisors, colleagues, or other
professionals who can attest to your intellectual and personal
qualifications for this Fellowship
Important 2009 Dates

Application Deadline: February 15, 2009
Applicants notified by: March 15, 2009
Program: June 15 - August 7, 2009