In 2008-2009 Institutes for Social Innovation will be held in Greater New York, NY (USA), Boston, MA (USA) and London, England (UK).


aims to prepare outstanding undergraduate students and young professionals
who will become the next generation of leaders in all three sectors-public,
private, and social.

For the 2008-2009 academic year, Institutes for Social Innovation will be
held in Greater New York, NY (USA), Boston, MA (USA) and London, England

The Boston Institute will be held at MIT Sloan and The Fletcher School from
February 13-16, 2009. The Greater New York Institute will be held at Yale
School of Managements March 1-2, 2009 and NYU Wagner and Columbia Business
School March 28-29, 2009. The Global Institute in London will be held in
July 2009.

Applications for Boston and New York will run from September 1 to December
1. Early applicants who seek to hold the position of StartingBloc Campus
Ambassador must apply by September 30th, and will be notified by October
15th. All other applicants will be notified by January 15th.

Each year, working with an admissions committee composed of graduate school
admissions directors, we select a cadre of emerging leaders to become
candidates to the Fellowship program. Once accepted into the Fellowship
program, candidates attend one of our regional Institutes for Social
Innovation (currently held in New York City, Boston and London).

After the Institute
After successfully completing the Institute for Social Innovation,
StartingBloc Fellows enter our alumni network. They are exposed to:

* Job and internship opportunities
* Graduate school opportunities
* Continuing education
* Business plan mentoring
* An amazing network of like-minded individuals

At the Institute
The Institute is a three-month program anchored by four one-day conferences.
During the conferences, Fellows learn about corporate social responsibility,
social entrepreneurship, cross sector partnerships and sustainability from
leading academics, corporate innovators, social entrepreneurs, activists and
government officials.

While the same core subject matter is taught at all three of our Institutes,
each offers something unique.

Greater New York
The Social Innovation Competition
The Greater New York Institute is spread over two weekends during the month
of March, with Fellows engaging with one another electronically well before
the Institute. The Social Innovation Competition (SIC) is what sets this
Institute apart. The SIC gives Fellows the opportunity to work on a team
consulting project, which focuses on solving a real challenge for an
organization or business. Fellows are trained in strategic consulting and
work in teams of 6-8. Each team submits an Executive Summary of their
research and conclusions to StartingBloc. Finalists are chosen and present
to a panel of judges composed of StartingBloc advisors and consultants at
the final Institute event. The overall winning team has the opportunity to
help implement their plan and work with the organization. StartingBloc
worked with Mercado Global in the Spring 2008 NY Institute. This Institute
is ideal for a candidate seeking to learn more about strategic consulting,
and working on a team project that involves members in different locations.
The cost of the Institute is $395 for young professionals and $295 for

Greater Boston
Core Skills and Network Enhancement
With the success and positive feedback of the consecutive four-day
curriculum in London, this model will be applied in the US for the first
time during the Spring 2009 Institute in Boston. The Greater Boston
Institute will integrate more workshops into each session; these include
Finance Basics, Business Plan Writing, and How to Attract Investors and
Donors. The Institute will also offer additional networking events, thus
facilitating greater interactions between Fellows. This Institute is ideal
for a candidate who wants to focus on building core social business
knowledge and skills, and growing a robust network. It is also more cost
effective and has less of an environmental impact for someone who may be
traveling a great distance and would like to secure one flight (instead of
two for New York). The cost of the Institute is $395 for young professionals
and $295 for students.

Global Perspective
While all of our Institutes boast a diverse group of Fellows originally from
all parts of the world, many of these Fellows live in the United States. As
our only Institute outside of the US, the London Institute draws the most
international demographic of our Institutes. Our speakers are almost
entirely from the UK and Europe, so Fellows are given a more global
perspective on the topics discussed during the Institute. To facilitate
formal connections and networking, fellows are divided into interest groups
called Social Innovation Bubbles (SIB) throughout the Institute. This
Institute is ideal for a candidate who seeks an even greater international
perspective on social innovation. The cost of the Institute is $1000
(including accommodations) or $800 (not including accommodations).

Broad Perspective
StartingBloc Fellows speak dozens of languages, and hail from all across the
globe. In 2007-2008, the 200 StartingBloc Fellows came from 42 countries and
spoke 47 different languages. We aim to create a dialogue among a diverse
group, to foster global collaboration.

Common Interest
There is no "ideal" StartingBloc candidate. StartingBloc Fellows come from
all backgrounds. They are united by a common interest-a desire to "do good,"
and to become leaders in a more responsible, sustainable, global economy.

Diverse Interests
StartingBloc Fellows come from small liberal arts colleges, large research
universities, and everything in between. While undergraduates, they study a
broad range of topics, from art history and philosophy, to business
management and finance. They work in non-profits, in Fortune 500 companies,
in government agencies. They run their own businesses. They lead student

StartingBloc's Admissions Criteria
StartingBloc Fellows are chosen based on 4 criteria:

* Strong academic foundation
* Demonstrated leadership
* Ability to work on a team
* Commitment to social responsibility and the mission of StartingBloc

Please note: We do not have a GPA minimum or academic major requirement.