Fellowships for American students participating in one of the Flagship Programs in Arabic, Central Asian Turkic languages, Korean, Mandarin, Persian, and Russian

The Language Flagship

offers a limited number of fellowships to qualified American students interested in receiving full financial support to participate in one of the Flagship Programs in Arabic, Central Asian Turkic languages, Korean, Mandarin, Persian, and Russian.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for a Flagship Fellowship, an applicant must meet the following requirements:

1. U.S. citizenship at the time of application.
2. Minimum proficiency of Advanced Low (as defined by ACTFL) or level 2 (as
defined by ILR) in the appropriate foreign language.
3. Minimum proficiency of Superior (as defined by ACTFL) or level 3 (as
defined by ILR) in all modalities of English.
4. Completed undergraduate degree by the time you would begin the Flagship
Fellowship. (Past recipients of Boren Scholarships or Fellowships are
eligible and are encouraged to apply to this program.)
5. Not employed by the U.S. government.

Program Structure

Most Flagship program have two components: one domestic and one overseas. The first year involves intensive language study at a domestic Flagship
Institution. The second year is spent in an immersion program overseas, which is designed and managed by the domestic Flagship Institutions. All
Flagship Fellows who participate in the domestic component are expected to continue with the overseas component. In exceptional cases, a Flagship
Program may determine that an applicant with advanced language skills should bypass all or part of the domestic year and participate in only the overseas

[Note: Flagship Fellowships for Central Asian Turkic languages and Russian are for overseas study only. Successful applicants must meet all Central
Asian Turkic languages and Russian Flagship Program requirements for overseas study.]

Fellowship Support

Flagship Fellowships are awards of up to two years that support academic expenses directly associated with participation in a Flagship Program,
including tuition, a modest stipend for living expenses, and support for travel costs and health insurance coverage. The living stipend is based on
reasonable costs associated with the location(s) of each Flagship Program. Total Flagship Fellowship amounts will vary by individual depending upon the
specific composition and duration of the program. Fellowship award amounts cannot include additional support for dependents.

Flagship Fellowship award recipients are expected to devote full-time effort in the Flagship Program in which they are enrolled. Therefore, Flagship
Fellows may not pursue requirements of other degree programs while receiving Flagship Fellowship support, nor may Flagship Fellowships be combined with
other sources of funding that would require Fellows to devote less than full-time effort in The Language Flagship.