Full Scholarships for Intensive Language Study at Middlebury Summer Language Schools

Kathryn Davis Fellowships for Peace:
Investing in the Study of Critical Languages

Full Scholarships for Intensive Language Study at Middlebury Summer Language Schools
in Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Japanese, Portuguese and Russian:

Fellowships will cover the full cost of a summer of language study from
beginner to graduate in Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Japanese, Portuguese, and
Russian at the Middlebury College Language Schools during the summer of 2009.
Each individual grant covers the full comprehensive fee (tuition, room, and
board) for one summer at the Middlebury Language Schools,
plus a stipend to assist in defraying program-related expenses.

One summer of intensive immersion language at Middlebury is the equivalent of a
full year of language study taken during the regular academic year. (Applicants
who are interested in transferring academic credit should check with their home
institution regarding transferability.)

The Davis Fellowships are merit-based and intended for exceptionally qualified
individuals with demonstrated interest in one or more of the following areas:
international, global, or area studies, international politics and economics,
peace and security studies, and/or conflict resolution. Individuals in other
fields, including working professionals, are also encouraged to apply if their
field of expertise requires them to study one of the critical languages listed

There are additional Davis Fellowship opportunities available through
Middlebury’s affiliate, the Monterey Institute of International Studies. For
more information please visit

To qualify for consideration for one of the Davis Fellowships, please submit,

POSTMARKED by February 2, 2009 (although
individual language programs may have earlier deadlines):

The attached application (see attached) and three copies
of the application essay.

A completed application to the Language School to which you are
applying. In some cases (Arabic) the deadline for admission to the School is
earlier than the deadline for the Davis Fellowship. Interested applicants must
meet all school-specific deadlines in order to be considered for a Davis
Fellowship. Applications for the summer language programs can be found at