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A 1-credit fall course open to all students

Course #: ECE 297B (SPIRE #81475) or FFYS ECE04 (for first-year students, SPIRE #81228)

Students in the course will:

  • learn how to make and program electronic lights in the patterns of various LGBTQIA+ flags
  • design and create craft projects using lights
  • learn about and discuss contemporary LGBTQIA+ topics

The course is a collaboration between the Stonewall Center, the Student Union Craft Center, and the College of Engineering and is taught by staff from each department

The Stonewall Center is looking to hire an incoming UMass student with work study to co-coordinate our Speakers Bureau. 
To apply, go to For more information about the Speakers Bureau, go to:

Are you an incoming LGBTQIA+ UMass student looking to have a returning LGBTQIA+ student as a mentor, or are you a returning student who would like to assist an incoming student by being a mentor? Then please participate in the Stonewall Center's mentorship program! 
The mentee application is here.
The mentor application is here.

The Stonewall Center is looking for volunteers for the fall who will participate on Speakers Bureau panels for college classes or help staff our office weekly. To apply, please fill out the form here.

Trans Advocacy Internships at the UMass Stonewall Center 
The UMass Stonewall Center offers Fall, Spring, and Summer internships for undergraduate and graduate students who would like the opportunity to conduct research on the experiences of trans college students and address the needs of trans students at UMass Amherst and at colleges in general. Interns will work directly with Genny Beemyn, the director of the Stonewall Center and the coordinator of Campus Pride’s Trans Policy Clearinghouse, who has written, spoken, and consulted extensively on college trans policy issues. To apply, contact Genny;


Top 25 List of LGBTQ-Friendly Colleges and Universities

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Our Mission

The mission of the Stonewall Center is to provide support, resources, programming, and advocacy for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, intersex, asexual (LGBTQIA) and allied students, staff, and faculty at UMass Amherst and for the larger Pioneer Valley. We also seek to educate the campus and local community about heterosexism, genderism, other forms of oppression, and the intersections of identities and oppressions in order to strengthen and sustain an inclusive climate for LGBTQIA individuals and their allies. We work closely with other campus departments and offices and local organizations to foster student learning, development, and leadership; promote academic excellence; build LGBTQIA communities; and enhance the lives of people of all sexual orientations and gender identities.