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About the Statistical Datasets

    The purpose of this electronic service is to provide access to a collection of datasets suitable for teaching statistics. The datasets are stored either locally or on other computers throughout the world. The datasets have been organized by statistical technique to make it easier for you to find a dataset appropriate for your pedagogical needs. When a dataset is appropriate for several statistical techniques, it will appear under several categories.

    Each dataset consists of three files: one is a description of the data; the others are an ascii (text) file of the data and an Excel file of the data.

    When you click on an Excel data file your browser will open a Save dialog. Be sure to save the Excel file with the .xls or .xlcx extension.

    When you click on a Text data file, your browser may or may not go directly to the Save dialog (depending on browser and version). If it does not, go to the File menu and select Save As or Save Page As to open the Save dialog. On the Save dialog select File Type Text or All and save the data file with the extension .dat.

Last updated:
April, 2013



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