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Workshops on statistical software usage are regularly scheduled through the Office of Information Technologies (OIT). Level I workshops are generally offered early in the fall and spring semesters. Level II workshops are scheduled about a month later. See registration form for fees and registration information.

Workshop registration form and payment are due 3 working days before workshop date. For more workshop registration information, contact or 545-9730.

Standard Workshops:

Workshop Name Description Next Scheduled
SPSS 1 SPSS Statistics Introduction October 31, 1:30 - 4:30
SPSS 2 SPSS Statistics Syntax November 18, 9:30 - noon
SAS 1 (*) SAS Introduction November 3 and 5, 9:30 - noon
SAS 2 (*) SAS Data Management November 17 and 19, 9:30 - noon
Stata 1 Stata Introduction TBA

(*) All SAS workshops meet twice. You are expected to attend both sessions.

Level 2 workshops assume mastery of material covered in Level 1, and facility in using the software at a basic level. Use workshop description links above for self-assessment test.

Additional Workshops:

Additional standard workshops may be scheduled as needed. Instructors and departments can arrange custom workshops for groups of 6 or more, on these or other topics related to statistical software. Contact Eva Goldwater to get on the waiting list for a standard workshops or to arrange a custom workshop.


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