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UNIX Stats Server

The UNIX stats server is scheduled for shutdown on August 30, 2010. All current users must complete any necessary processing to move their files elsewhere before that date. SAS and SPSS users should consider purchasing licenses through OITs site license program, or other sources, depending on eligibilty.

SAS datasets and formats catalogs

SAS datasets and formats catalogs created on stats server will need to be converted to transport files before they can be moved to another operating system. See Transporting SAS Libraries for instructions.

SPSS save files

SPSS save files are compatible with PASW Statistics for Windows, without any special processing. For maximum flexibility and safety, Export your SPSS save file on stats server, and download to your PC. Exported SPSS files can be moved and imported to SPSS/PASW Statistics on any platform.

SPSS syntax files will require minor editing, mostly to adjust file references.

R workspaces

We have not tested compatibility of R workspaces moved from unix to PC.



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