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IBM SPSS Statistics 22 Premium Windows Installation

This download is for University of Massahchusetts site license users. In addition to the software download and installation instructions, you will need a license authorization code, available from OIT. Without an authorization code, the software can be used for a 14-day trial period.

Important note on downloads!

  • Due to excessive internet traffic from unauthorized locations, IBM SPSS Statistics downloads are currently restricted to UMass campuses and to off-campus users with a UMass Amherst NetID. If you are unable to complete the download due to technical problems, contact the OIT Help Center at 413-545-9730, to purchase SPSS Statistics on DVD.
  • If you are using a domain joined Windows computer, you need to know where it is safe to store such files. Storing large files in the "wrong" location, can have serious negative impact on your future logon/logoff. Learn how to tell whether your computer is in a domain, and where to safely store large downloads.

download IBM SPSS Statistics 22 (32-bit) for Windows

download IBM SPSS Statistics 22 (64-bit) for Windows

IBM SPSS Statistics 22 Windows installation instructions

pdf manuals

Concurrent License Manager

SPSS Legacy Viewer

IBM SPSS Statistics 22 Fix Pack 1

Applying this fix pack will bring your SPSS 22.0.0. installation to v. The list of problems fixed by the fix pack is on IBM support website, You will need to register with IBM in order to have access to this page.

To install on Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, right-click the downloaded file, select Run as Administrator. Using Windows XP, log on as Administrator and double-click the downloaded file. After installation completes you will need to re-start your machine for the upgrade to take effect.

download IBM Statistics 22 Fix Pack 1 (32-bit)

download IBM Statistics 22 Fix Pack 1 (64-bit)

Licensing SPSS Statistics

Please contact the IT Help Center at, 545-9730, or stop by A109 LGRC (Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.).

When you license SPSS Statistics from OIT, you will receive an "authorization code" that enables installation on as many machines as you have licensed. During installation you will use your authorization code to contact IBM to activate your license(s). Each license is "locked" to a machine and operating system. You can re-install the software on the same machine with same operataing system, provided you save your existing license (see installation instructions) . Your authorization code does not work for re-licensing, even on the same hardware.

Annual License Renewal

Your SPSS Statistics software expires each year. If you choose to renew the license through IT, you will receive new authorization code(s), to extend your software functionality for an additional year.

Instructions for applying new license authorization, for IBM SPSS Statistics 22 for Windows.

Instructions for applying new license authorization, for IBM SPSS Statistics 21 for Windows.





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