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IBM SPSS Statistics 22 Site License

IBM SPSS Statistics 22 for Windows can be licensed at reduced cost from OIT through the University of Massachusetts site license. The license includes Base, Advanced and Regression modules, and is only valid for faculty and staff at the Amherst campus and the Medical School. Site licenses require an initial fee and an annual renewal fee due in June. For current pricing, see OITs Site License information page. If you wish to test the software, you can use it for 14-days before you get the license.

Students can get SPSS with a 6 or 12 month license for Windows or Macintosh through OnTheHub, or the SPSS Grad Pack 4-year license from the University store. The Grad Pack contains SPSS Statistics Base, Advanced and Regression modules.

System Requirements for IBM SPSS Statistics 22

  • Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8. OS can be 32 or 64-bit.
  • Intel or AMD x86 processor, 1GHz or higher.
  • 1GB or more RAM.
  • 1GB of available hard disk space.
  • A graphics adaptor with 1024x768 resolution (XSVGA) or higher.
  • Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher.

Licensing IBM SPSS Statistics

Please contact the OIT Help Center at 545-9730 or stop by A109 LGRC (Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 4:45 p.m.).

When you license IBM SPSS Statistics from OIT, you will receive an "authorization code" that enables installation on as many machines as you have licensed. During installation you will use your authorization code to contact IBM to activate your license(s). Each license is "locked" to a machine and operating system. You can re-install the software on the same machine/operating system, provided you save your existing license. Your authorization code will not work for re-licensing.

Download, Installation, and License Renewal Instructions

Earlier releases, Maintenance

Upgrade from earlier releases

Current SPSS licenses are paid up through June 30. When you pay your annual renewal fee, you can upgrade to IBM SPSS Statistics 22 at no additional cost. Your new authorization code will be for IBM SPSS Statistics 22 unless you request to NOT upgrade.

Technical Support and Consulting

OIT provides technical support for installation and license renewal only, not for software usage. We can only provide support if you've registered for a license with OIT Help Center, 545-9730,, and have received your IBM SPSS Statistics authorization code. Requests for support must include your full name and come from your official UMASS email address. Contact Eva Goldwater, 413-545-2949. Consulting on software usage and statistical questions is available through the Biostatistics Consulting Center.

Compatibility with earlier releases

Unicode encoding is the default mode starting with SPSS version 21 and later. This affects the width of string variables. Data files saved in Unicode encoding cannot be read by versions of SPSS Statistics prior to 16.0. For information on switching to the traditional code page mode, See Help → Topics.  Type “Unicode encoding” in the search box.

IBM SPSS Statistics 22 Output documents (*.spv) cannot be read by SPSS 15 or earlier releases, and Output documents saved by SPSS 15 or earlier releases (*.spo) cannot be read by SPSS 16 or later. Download and install SPSS Legacy Viewer (aka SmartViewer 15) for reading output files from SPSS 15 or earlier.

IBM SPSS Statistics 22 can read data files (*.sav) and syntax files (*.sps), from earlier releases. IBM SPSS Statistics 22 Syntax (*.sps) files can be used with earlier releases, provided they don't use features introduced in a later release. IBM Statistics 22 data files (*.sav) have to be saved in traditional code page mode in order to use with versions earlier than SPSS 16.0

Interactive Graph (IGRAPH) is being phased out gradually. The user interface is no longer be available. Saved IGRAPH syntax still runs, but no longer looks the same. In a (unspecified) future release, IGRAPH syntax will no longer work.  Save your IGRAPH syntax and run it through the syntax converter, which will convert the IGRAPH syntax to GGRAPH syntax, to prepare for future upgrades. Replacement of IGraph engine has changed the behavior of some IGraph features. Go to Help → Topics, type "Syntax Converter"into the Search box for more information.

SPSS Production Facility jobs (*.spp) created in SPSS 15 or earlier releases must be converted to version 16 and later (*.spj) format.  A conversion utility is available to do this.

TableLooks created in SPSS 15.0 or earlier versions cannot be used in SPSS 16.0 or later versions.

SPSS Tables Original (Basic Tables, General Tables, Multiple Response Tables, Tables of Frequencies) user interface is no longer available. Although your existing TABLES syntax should continue to work, TABLES syntax is no longer supported. Convert your TABLES syntax to CTABLES syntax using the syntax converter. Go to Help → Topics, type "Syntax Converter"into the Search box for more information.

Draft Viewer is no longer supported. There are two alternatives for creating text output similar to the Draft Viewer.  You can Export viewer output with  text options, or use the Output Management System (OMS).

See for more about IBM SPSS Statistics 22.




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