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SAS, Release 9.4

The University of Massachusetts site license for The SAS System, Release 9.4 is available for Windows, Linux, and Windows Server. If you're switching from 32-bit SAS to 64-bit SAS, see Switching between releases. Faculty, staff, and students at any UMass campus are eligible to get the software under the site license. Site licenses require an initial fee and an annual renewal fee due in June. For current pricing, see ITs Site License information page. Server licenses are only available for Teaching and Research use!

The University of Massachusetts Medical School has its own SAS site license, for Teaching and Research use only. If you are at the Medical School and need SAS Software for Teaching and Research, contact Alan Ritacco. For Administrative use, contact the UMass IT Help Center at 413-545-9730,,

SAS 9.4 for Windows requires Windows 7 or Windows 8. It cannot be installed on Windows XP or Vista. See System Requirements.

You can continue to run SAS 9.3 if you have it. However, upgrading to 9.4 is recommended for anyone that meets the System Requirments for SAS 9.4, because UMass IT's Java security updates will (repeatedly) remove the older Java release that SAS 9.3 requires from Amherst campus computers. SAS 9.3 users will need to (repeatedly) re-install the Java SAS 9.3 needs. Although this issue affects primarily Amherst campus computers, the need to keep an old Java on your system creates a security vulnerability for all users of older SAS releases.

has been "retired", and is no longer included in SAS. SAS Online Tutor has been replaced by SAS e-Learning.

SAS for Linux is supported only on specified Linux implementations (see System Requirements). It may not install, or may not run under other Linux systems.

Site License Terms

Under the University of Massachusetts site license, SAS software is restricted to...

  • use by UMass faculty, staff and students at any UMass campus
  • installation only on University owned equipment, or on your personally owned equipment
  • use for University-related work
  • use within the United States, except for up to 3 months per license year on a laptop.

You must accurately classify your use of SAS Software as "Teaching and Research", or "Administrative", according to the following guidelines:

  • Teaching/Research use is limited to non-commercial research activities, classroom instruction, and coursework directly related to the University's degree requirements.  This includes the formulation of theses and dissertations.
  • Administrative use is limited to activities related to the University's operations as an academic institution. This includes institutional research and any such use related to reporting about the University to the University. Software licensed for Administrative use may only be used by University employees.

The software runs under an annual license. You can renew your license as long as you remain at UMass.


If you wish to get SAS client software under the University of Massachusetts site license program, please contact the UMass IT Help Center at 545-9730,, or stop by A109 LGRC (Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 4:45 p.m.). SAS is distributed by download, but you must first register and get a license file from UMass IT Help Center. The software cannot be installed without a current license file.

System Requirements

Software Downloads

Switching between SAS Releases
SAS data files created with SAS version 8.0 or higher under Windows can be used directly with SAS version 9.x under Windows. Formats catalogs created with 32-bit SAS version 8.0 or higher under Windows must be migrated for use with 64-bit SAS, regardless of SAS release. See Which SAS Version for recommendation on which version to use.

What's New in SAS, Release 9.4
HTML output is now the default. You can switch back to traditional listing output under Tools - Options - Preferences - Results.

For an overview of other features in SAS 9.4, see 





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