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Origin Pro

OIT is now distributing Origin Pro. The software is available to current UMass Amherst Faculty, staff and students at the Amherst campus. The license is restricted to University-related work, on University-owned equipment, or faculty/staff/student's personally owned equipment. Software to be installed on University-owned equipment should be licensed by faculty or staff, even if it is to be used by student(s).

The departments that purchased the initial license are making it available to the campus at no cost for the current year. Users may be requested to contribute to annual maintenance, at some future time.


You will need a license number and access code in order to install Origin Pro. You must be UMASS Amherst faculty, staff or student in order to get a license number and access code. Please email, using your official umass email address. For questions, call the OIT Help Center at 545-9730. After you have the codes, you can download and install the software.

Important note on downloads! If you are using a domain joined Windows computer, you need to know where it is safe to store such files. Storing large files in the "wrong" location, can have serious negative impact on your future logon/logoff. Learn how to tell whether your computer is in a domain, and where to safely store large downloads.

System Requirements

Origin Pro requires Windows XP or higher. See System Requirements for additional informatiion.





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