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Current Software Releases

Windows Site Licenses
SAS 9.4 (TS1M1, June 2014), is available for Windows 8, Windows 7, Server 2008 or Server 2012. SAS 9.3 users are advised to upgrade to SAS 9.4 to avoid problems with old versions of Java required for SAS 9.3. Windows XP is not supported for SAS 9.4. There are some minor compatibility issues between 32-bit and 64-bit SAS. 32-bit version can be installed on 64-bit machines. See SAS Downloads for more about choosing 32-bit or 64-bit SAS.

SAS/Spectraview was "retired" with SAS 9.1.3.. SAS/Online Tutor has been replaced by SAS e-Learning.

SAS 9.1.3 is no longer being distributed. SAS 9.1.3 users are encouraged to upgrade to 9.4. There is no cost for teh upgrade, if your license is up-to-date.

Minitab 17 (March, 2014) is now available through OIT site license.

IBM SPSS Statistics 22 (April, 2014) is being distributed by download. You need to get a license from OIT to enable the software. SPSS Statistics21 and earlier users receive free upgrade with annual renewal. SPSS patches for earlier releases.

Systat 13.1 (March, 2014) - Due to shrinking number of users, Systat site license is ending July 2014. Options for Systat users...

Origin Pro (April 2012) - Origin Pro is available on the Amherst campus. Distribution is by download. Installation requires a license number and access code.

NVivo (December 2012) - NVivo qualitative analysis software is available on the Amherst campus, for research and instructional use only. Distribution is by download. Activation requires a license key, which must be renewed annually.


Linux Site License
SAS 9.3 for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 update 4, or Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 is now available through OIT's SAS site license. Other Linux implementations are not supported. More...

Macintosh Site License
SAS 6.1.2 for Macintosh is the only available site license for Macintosh. It is no longer supported by SAS Institute, and is years behind current release for suppored operating systems. Macintosh users with Intel-based systems who what to acquire statistical software through OIT site licenses are advised to use BootCamp, Parallels Desktop, VMWare, or similar Windows virtual machine to use current SAS Windows release.

Technical Support
OIT provides technical support only for installation and license renewal of site licensed software. Contact Eva Goldwater, 413-545-2949.

See Statistical Software, Workshops and Resources for information on getting started. Individual consulting on software usage and statistical questions is available through the Biostatistics Consulting Center.


Minitab License Manager (FlexNet Connect 6.1) security patch
SAS Universal Viewer

SPSS Legacy Viewer

SPSS Statistics Patch

SPSS Statistics Patch
Epi Info

Patches & Updates

IBM SPSS Statistics 22 patches

April 2014: IBM SPSS Statistics FIx Pack 1 ( . Download and installation instructions

IBM SPSS Statistics 21 patches

November 2013: IBM SPSS Statistics FIx Pack 2 ( . Download and installation instructions

IBM SPSS Statistics 20 patches

February 2012: IBM SPSS Statistics FIx Pack 1 ( . Download and installation instructions





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