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SAS Online Tutorial

In order to use these web pages effectively, arrange your browser and SAS System side by side on your screen. For instructions about how to do this click on the "How to Set Up Your Screen" link below or click here.

How to Set Up Your Screen

I. Introduction

II. SAS Windowing Environment

  • the 5 main SAS windows
  • SAS windows features
    • Manage your windows
    • Menus
    • Tool bar
    • Command bar

III. Running a SAS Program

  • Getting your program into the Editor Window
  • Submitting your program
  • Viewing the SAS Log and Output Windows
  • Results Window
  • Print the Output Window
  • What happens when you make an error

IV. Overview of a SAS Program

  • Components of a SAS program
  • SAS language – syntax
  • Rules for SAS names
  • Saving a SAS program
  • Exiting the SAS system
  • Including a SAS program

V. Run More Procedures

  • Proc Freq, Gchart

VI. Debugging a SAS Program

  • Missing semicolon
  • Misspelling
  • Missing Run statement
  • Unbalanced quotes

VII. Entering Data into SAS Data

  • Use of Viewtable to enter data
  • Importing an Excel file
  • Reading data from the Program Editor
  • Reading Ascii or text data from an external file

VIII. Manipulating SAS Data

  • Algebraic and logical transformations
  • Analysis of subsets of the data (Use of the Where statement)

IX. Permanent SAS Datasets

  • Creating permanent SAS datasets
  • Accessing permanent SAS datasets


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