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Processing Standard University Course Evaluations

"Standard" University of Massachusetts course evaluations are those that use one of these three forms:

  • SRTI (Student Response to Instruction) - these are processed by the Office of Academic Planning and Assessment and are not discussed here.
  • "University of Massachusetts Course and Teaching Evaluation" blue bubble sheets with 12 pre-printed questions with responses coded 1=Hopelessly Inadequate to 7=Unusually Effective
  • "University Evaluation General Answer Sheet" green bubble sheets with 42 questions, responses 1-7.

These instructions apply ONLY to course evaluations that use one of the latter two forms, which will be referred to as "blue" and "green" evaluation forms. For these two forms, "pre-packaged" SPSS programs are available to produce standard reports. Do not confuse the green course evaluation forms with the 200 item "General Purpose Answer Sheet", with responses 1-5, which also happens to be green.

If you are using any other forms to collect course evaluation information, the programs provided here will not work "off the shelf", though someone thoroughly familiar with SPSS syntax (not just menus) may be able to customize them for you.

Sample report produced by course evaluation program (pdf - 5K, 2pages).

Instructions for using course evaluation programs (pdf - 46K, 8 pages).

Download programs for standard course evaluation processing (zip - 7K).


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