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SPSS® Legacy Viewer for Windows

The SPSS Legacy Viewer (aka SmartViewer 15) is a freely distributed application for viewing SPSS Output Navigator (*.spo) files created by SPSS version 15 or earlier. *.spo files cannot be opened using SPSS version 16 or higher.

The SPSS Legacy Viewer lets you edit SPSS Output Navigator files, but you cannot export them to other applications, other than by copy/paste.

Download the SPSS LegacyViewer

Installation Instructions

  • Log on to your computer with administrator privileges.
  • Using an unzip utility, e.g. WinZip, extract the contents of to a temporary location on your hard drive. For example, "c:\temp".
  • Windows XP: Double-click setup.exe from the temporary location, e.g. "c:\temp\setup.exe".
  • Windows Vista: Right-click setup.exe from the temporary location, e.g. "c:\temp\setup.exe", and choose "Run as Administrator".
  • Click "Next" on the first panel.
  • Accept the terms of the license agreement and proceed through the rest of the installation wizard dialogs, accepting the defaults.

Initializing Legacy Viewer
After installing the Legacy Viewer, you need to manually set the association for *.spo files, so double-clicking will open it using Legacy Viewer:

  • Right-click a *.spo file, select Properties.
  • Next to "Opens with", click "Change"
  • On the "Open With" dialog, click "Browse". (Do NOT select SPSS from the list.)
  • Browse to "C:\Program Files\SPSS Viewer" folder
  • Select spssnav.exe
  • Click Open
  • Check "Always use the selected program for this kind of file"
  • Click OK



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