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Consulting at UMass

Consulting is available through the Biostatistics Consulting Center at University of Massachusetts (BCCUMA), Institute for Social Science Research (ISSR), and Statistical Consulting and Collaboration Services (SCCS). Fees may apply.

Software Vendors/Developers' Websites

Minitab R SAS nVivo Origin Pro
IBM SPSS Stata   Epi Info  

"Third Party" Resources

There are many websites with information on statistics and software use. In addition, you may be able to get answers to specific questions using newsgroups or listservs. If you subscribe to a news group or mailing list, please read posting guidlines and follow the group's etiquette...,

R Site Search Extension

This Firefox extension lets you search R documentation pages from a firefox sidebar. The search includes R packages from CRAN and other sources.


Software Tutorials

The following links imply no endorsement of any particular website, or of the information you may find there.


Minitab Support


Introduction to R by Venables & Smith (97p.pdf)
R Tips by Paul Johnson
R for Beginners by E. Paradis
(76p. pdf)
Quick-R for SAS/SPSS/Stata users

UCLA Statistical Computing Resources
Johns Hopkins Statistical Computing
(links to various others)
University of Michigan Software Help (S-Plus)
"Contributed Documentation" - links to numerous documents about using R for various general or specialized purposes.


UCLA Statistical Computing Resources
University of Michigan Software Help


UCLA Statistical Computing Resources


UCLA Statistical Computing Resources
UMASS School of Public Health


Division of Public Health Surveillance & Informatics (Epi Info)
UCLA Statistical Computing Resources (SUDAAN)
UTAH unix tutorial
UTAH unix command summary


Statistics Tutorials

Introduction to Descriptive Statistics

Statistics Tutorials for Standard Techniques

Hyperstat Online: An Introduction to Statistics (Online Textbook)

Rice Virtual Lab in Statistics: Experiments,Tutorials, & Analyses Links to Data Sets, Statistical Tools, Software, & Books

Data Sources

Carnegie Mellon Statlib Index (for statistical software, datasets, and information)

UMass Data Archives (ICPSR and NCHS data maintained by SADRI)

U. of Florida Statistical Reference Datasets

U.S. Census Bureau


Statistical Theory and Practice

American Mathematical Society

American Statistical Association

Jounal of Statistics Education

Penn State Statistics

Resampling Statistics

UC Berkeley, Dept. of Statistics

UCLA, Dept. of Statistics

U. of Florida, Dept. of Statistics

U. of Florida, Statistics Virtual Library

U. of Michigan Guide to Statistical Resources on Internet

U. of Washington, Dept. of Statistics


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