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This website provides basic information on statistical software available at UMass via site licenses, academic discounts, and free trials, getting started instructional materials, workshops, and links to other resources. It also has a collection of datasets for educational purposes.

OIT provides technical support only for installation and license renewal of site licensed statistical software. Contact Eva Goldwater, 413-545-2949. Consulting on software usage and statistical questions is available through the Biostatistics Consulting Center (BCCUMA) in the School of Public Health.

Software with Campus-wide Access & Site Licenses

The Office of Information Technologies provides access to statistical software through various mechanisms:

OIT Windows Computer Labs: Minitab, SAS, IBM SPSS Statistics, Stata, Systat, R
All faculty, staff and students with a UMAccess username can use the software in OIT's PC labs. For lab locations, hours, and installed software releases, see OIT's PCCO Classroom Operations site.

Free Trials: Not quite ready to buy? Only need the software for very limited time? Many software vendors offer fully functional copies of their software for a limited time. In most cases, these trial copies can be converted to site licensed copies by purchasing the license (subject to eligibility)

Minitab 30-day free trial
NVivo 30-day free trial
SPSS Statistics free trial
SAS does not offer free trials.

JMP 30-day free trial (for JMP license purchases, go to OnTheHub)

Site licenses: Minitab, IBM SPSS Statistics, NVivo, Origin Pro, SAS
OIT distributes site licensed software to eligible users at reduced cost. Site licensed software requires annual renewal, and entails an annual fee. Site license eligibility varies by software. The following software is available through site licenses:

Systat license discontinued: Due to shrinking number of users, UMass Systat site license will end July 2014. Options for Systat users...

Windows: Minitab, IBM SPSS Statistics, NVivo, Origin Pro, SAS
Linux: SAS (selected Linux implementations only)

For pricing and eligibility, see OITs Site License information page. If you wish to get software under the University of Massachusetts site license program, please contact the OIT Help Center at 545-9730 or stop by A109 LGRC (Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 4:45 p.m.).

Software Eligibilty Rules
Minitab Faculty & Staff at any UMass campus, for use on University owned machines only.
IBM SPSS Statistics Faculty & Staff at Amherst campus and Medical School.
NVivo Faculty, Research staff, Graduate students, Amherst campus only.
Origin Pro Faculty, Staff, Students, Amherst campus only.
SAS Faculty, Staff & Students at any UMass campus.
Origin Pro Faculty, Staff, Students, Amherst campus only.

Direct Purchase Discounts

If you are not eligible for site licensed software, or are looking for other software, here are some reasonable alternatives:

Minitab is available at OnTheHub with 6 or 12 month "rental" to students, or perpetual license to students, faculty and staff. The User's Guide is additional. All of these are the full software, not a student edition.

IBM SPSS Statistics for Windows or Macintosh is available with 6 or 12 month software license for students, and one year license for faculty through OnTheHub. Students can get SPSS Statistics Base GradPack, SPSS Statistics Standard GradPack, which includes the Advanced Statistics and Regression modules, or SPSS Statistics Premium GradPack, with still more statistical modules. The Standard Grad Pack is the same software as OIT's site license but is limited to student purchase. Faculty can get the SPSS Statistics Faculty Pack which includes Amos, Custom Tables, Missing Values, Complex Samples, and many other modules not part of the UMass site license.

Stata can be purchased directly from the manufacturer at very favorable rates through a special arrangement with the University. For current pricing, see

To purchase, call Stata at 1-800-782-8272 or e-mail Identify yourself as a UMass student, faculty or staff and make payment directly to Stata. They will fax the University Store to release the software to you.

JMP for Windows or Macintosh is available with 6 or 12 month license to students and faculty at OnTheHub

OnTheHub, and JourneyEd and have a variety of other software discounts for academic users. Eligibilty and terms vary.


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