Elena Kvochko


Elena Kvochko

Head of Global Information Security Strategy and Implementation

As a student at CPPA, Elena Kvochko (MPPA ’10) focused on technology policy, strategy, e-government and implementation of electronic services for businesses and citizens. Her timing couldn’t have been better.

Digital proliferation is increasing everyone’s exposure to cyber risks, which has made cybersecurity a top priority for global organizations. After graduating, Kvochko worked as an information technology specialist at the World Bank, then led the cybersecurity and industrial Internet of things agenda at the World Economic Forum. She now heads up global information security implementation and strategy at the British banking giant Barclays. And she loves it. 

“The expectations of our customers are rapidly changing and the digital environment is evolving so fast, which makes this one of the most interesting fields to work in,” Kvochko says.

In 2015 she co-authored an analysis piece in the Harvard Business Review examining why recent data breaches don’t seem to be hurting the compromised companies’ stock prices. The article cites examples at The Home Depot, Target, Sony, Kmart and JPMorgan Chase and shows that in each case, stock prices only dipped slightly and temporarily, if at all, following the announcement of a breach. She also contributed pieces on technology and security to Forbes, the New York Times and other media outlets. 

“Until recently, there was a wide-spread assumption that customers don’t care about security and privacy of their data. However, this has changed,” Kvochko says. “Without ensuring proper security and privacy, it is no longer possible to win customer trust and confidence.”



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