This Week at the School of Public Policy

University of Massachusetts School of Public Policy (SPP) faculty David Mednicoff speaks about Iran Nuclear Deal

Faculty at the UMass School of Public Policy are undertaking vital research to offer solutions to the most pressing issues of our time. These faculty are avid writers and researchers who are often called upon by press for their expertise. Below is a summary of recent publications and interviews of our faculty.

Uncertainty reigns as US decision on Iran nuclear agreement looms
David M. Mednicoff, assistant professor of public policy and director of Middle Eastern Studies, comments in this article examining what President Donald Trump's decision may be on the Iran nuclear deal. “With any major Trump decision, prediction is difficult,” Mednicoff said. “Trump likes to go with his gut” and could turn his back on the Iran deal, Mednicoff said via e-mail. (The Arab Weekly)

Prayer is not enough: Addressing Mass Shootings after Las Vegas
A news story and a column discuss the recent mass shooting in Las Vegas. David M. Mednicoff writes a column where he argues that political and social action is needed to prevent this type of incident. He says what many shootings have in common is the use of high-technology weapons by white men. (Huffington Post)

How to Live Small
Ellen Pader, associate professor of Public Policy and Regional Planning, speaks about sharing spaces in this broadcast about the importance of living space. “In the US we tend to have separate bedrooms, separate bathrooms because we have a belief that everyone needs to be individuals. They need their privacy to grow” Pader said. “That's something that's very common in certain Western societies. When I did my fieldwork in Mexico, I became very aware that there was a different way of seeing the world." (BBC World Service)