Undergraduate Certificate

What is public policy and administration?

Public policy and administration refers to the work of both government and the broader structure — including nonprofits, community members, the press, the business community, etc. — involved in how community, or “public,” decisions are made.

The UMass Undergraduate Certificate

SPP's undergraduate certificate allows UMass Amherst undergraduate students to complement their majors with an eight-course sequence in public policy and administration. All of the courses selected can also apply toward the student's major or distributional requirements.

The certificate helps position undergraduates to pursue graduate education in a policy-related field, such as government administration, law, public health, public policy or sociology. It also helps prepare undergraduates for careers related to government, public services, consulting and nonprofits in the U.S. and abroad.


Students pursuing a certificate in public policy can be from any major. Click here for all requirements and application information.

PLEASE NOTE: When searching for classes in the School of Public Policy, please look under SPP in SPIRE.

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