The Northeast Regional Environmental Public Health Center (NREPHC)

Established in 1985 by the Commissioners of Public Health from the seven Northeastern states, the Northeast Regional Environmental Public Health Center (NREPHC) provides education and training, conducts research, and makes available consultative assistance in environmental health. The Center's clientele was expanded in the early ‘90s to include the state environmental departments of protection as well as the private sector. The Center focuses on regional issues of national importance, including the analysis, assessment and remediation of contaminated soils and groundwater, and the biological effects of low levels of exposure.

Since 1985, the Center has partnered with various organizations, including state and federal regulatory agencies, the railroad, petroleum, transportation, chemical and utility industries, and academia, to conduct an annual Contaminated Soils and Water Conference. The conference is recognized for its strong scientific content and renowned technical information exchange activities and has attracted over 7000 participants.

Contact the Center’s Director, Dr. Edward Calabrese, for more information.