2009 Journal Articles


Balasubramanian, Raji

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Foulkes, Andrea

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Lin, Rongheng

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Pekow, Penelope

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Puleo, Elaine

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Stanek, Edward J.

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Community Health Education

Buchanan, David

Buchanan, D. Stopping trials early for opportunity costs: practically infeasible and ethically indefensible. PLoS. 2009. 9:6 e1000071.

Gillum, Tameka

Gillum, T.L., Sun, C.J., & Woods, A.B. Can a health clinic-based intervention increase safety in abused women: results from a pilot study. Journal of Women’s Health. 2009. 18:1259-1264.

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Gubrium, Aline

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Malikhao, Patchanee

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Wexler, Lisa

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Environmental Health Sciences

Aelion, C. Marjorie

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Calabrese, Edward

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Michael L. Muilenberg

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Rogers, Christine

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Bertone-Johnson, Elizabeth

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Chasan-Taber, Lisa

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Cook, Elizabeth

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Reeves, Katherine

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Whitcomb, Brian

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Health Policy and Management

Bulzacchelli, Maria

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Rodriguez-Monguio, Rosa

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