Peer-to-Peer Profile: Vladimir Lamerique, ‘14

Interviewed by Bridget Aumais, ‘15

Vladimir Lamerique, ’14, recently graduated from the School of Public Health and Health Sciences with a Bachelor’s degree in Public Health Sciences. While a student at UMass Amherst, he interned with Cooley Dickinson Hospital. Bridget Aumais, ’15, recently completed her junior year as a Public Health major and Public Health Peer Advisor.

Vladimir Lamerique is a recent graduate of the SPHHS with a degree in Public Health with a concentration in social science. While a student, he interned at Cooley Dickinson Hospital in Northampton in the Quality Care Department. Specifically, he worked out of the Regulatory Compliance office. He acquired this internship through personal connections and networking, and received credit toward his degree.

A typical day at Vladimir’s internship consisted of working on the floor surveying physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals so that his department could determine what they needed to work on in terms of policies and education. He knew before his internship that he wanted to work in administration at a hospital, but this internship has opened his eyes to the flaws in the U.S. healthcare system and given him an even deeper passion for this field. 

Vladimir notes that his internship experience has made him realize that miscommunication between a patient and their healthcare providers can make a big impact on that patient’s care. He also can see from his perspective as a hospital employee that when patients are not educated about the healthcare system, they are often left at a disadvantage, and so it is important for everyone to understand the system that they are receiving care from. 

Post-graduation, Vladimir would like to continue working at a hospital and go on to earn an MPH/MBA dual degree. His advice for students who are looking for an internship is to keep a positive attitude about others and themselves. He also advises students to use the resources they have available to them, like the support from other people and the University to help network and find an internship.