Dorian Holliday '13

By Sattia Bangurah '13

College is a time not only meant for learning but also exploring to determine one's niche. With interest in nursing, social work, and public health, Dorian Holliday, a senior Public Health major, decided to do an Internship with the Boston Public Health Commission. During the summer of her junior year, she had the opportunity to work the Mayor’s Healthline as a triage officer, write blogs, and assist in updating the HelpSteps Database, which is a database constructed by Boston Children’s Hospital to provide resources for underserved populations. When asked about the types of calls that she received when working at Healthline, she recalls, “I received a lot of calls dealing with West Nile Virus since there was an outbreak that summer. I also received calls about applying for MassHealth.”

Dorian faced some challenges adjusting to the style and environment of the Boston Public Health Commission. “I had a lot of freedom and responsibilities, but no one was looking over my shoulder or telling me what to do. So I had to determine ways to complete all my tasks in a timely manner and learn to multitask,” said Dorian.

Dorian's greatest experience came when she attended the meetings and trainings with the employees and learned about the various issues the Boston Public Health Commission had to address. “My favorite workshop was the Racial Justice and Health Equity training,” Dorian stated. Through this internship experience she had the opportunity to witness how broad public health is, and how the different departments intertwined and worked together. She also mentioned how she incorporated knowledge learned in PUBHLTH 129, Healthcare for All, into her internship. Learning about insurance and HMOs was helpful since one of her responsibilities focused on the ObamaCare act.

In the future, Dorian plans to continue gaining experience in the public health field. She hopes to work in a setting where she is interacting with people, especially youth or families. Dorian said that through working for the Boston Public Health Commission she “not only gained experience in the public health realm, but also gained a network of mentors who can help me in my career endeavors.”