Peer Advising Drop-In Center Information

The Public Health Sciences Peer Advisors Program is designed to help majors:

  • Understand the depth and breadth of the field of public health and how the interdisciplinary nature of the major requirements allows students to explore that range.
  • Make informed and effective decisions regarding their course of study.
  • Become successful and proactive students who take responsibility for their own success and feel confident in their endeavors.
  • Ensure that they are fulfilling all major and University requirements in a timely manner.
  • Learn how to read and use the Academic Requirements Report (ARR) effectively.
  • Access important information regarding:
    • Internships
    • Study abroad
    • Research opportunities
    • Five-College courses
    • Volunteer opportunities
    • Honors courses
  • Explore career opportunities and graduate study.
  • Connect to University resources including: counseling, tutoring and other personal, cultural, and academic supports and services.
  • Understand regulations and meet deadlines for such procedures as course registration, add/drop, and course withdrawal.
  • Develop a connection to the community of other students in the public health sciences major, faculty, and staff and feel supported as they navigate through and envision opportunities beyond college.

WHO are the Public Health Peer Advisors?

The Peer Advisors are junior and senior Public Health Science majors who are committed to helping their fellow students understand the field and the way the program has been designed to support that learning. Peer Advisors are actively involved with the Public Health Club, and encourage majors to take part in various Club activities. A cohesive community within the major often leads to a more fulfilling overall college experience.

The Peer Advisors are well trained in advising and coaching skills, academic requirements, and referring students to University and departmental resources. As students themselves, they offer a unique and valuable perspective on the major. And ALL Peer Advisors—whether on the Social Science or Science track themselves—are knowledgeable about both tracks. 

WHAT do Peer Advisors do?

Peer Advisors help new students feel welcome and supported in the department. Through group and individual advising sessions they also work with students across all levels to:

  • Provide students with the tools to plan a balanced academic schedule.
  • Understand procedures such as course registration, add/drop, and withdrawal.
  • Obtain and complete University and departmental forms.
  • Explore academic opportunities such as internships and study abroad.
  • Engage with the Public Health Club and their events and activities.
  • Connect to other services and resources across the University.
  • Assess their progress in meeting the program and University requirements.
  • Lead information sessions for students interested in the major.
  • Apply to the Public Health Sciences program.

Peer Advisors also organize departmental events throughout the year and maintain Facebook and Twitter to keep students connected with events and opportunities to majors.

WHERE are the Peer Advisors located?

The Peer Advisors can be found in the Peer Advising Office in 221 Arnold House.

WHEN are the Peer Advisors available?

Each Peer Advisor holds regular office hours each week. They are available on a drop-in basis, and you may meet with any Peer Advisor for assistance.

Peer Advisor’s office hours are posted on the office door and on the Academic Advising webpage.

WHY should I meet with a Peer Advisor?

Peer Advisors are well-trained in academic regulations, referrals, and helping skills, and also offer the perspective of experienced students regarding both the major and the University. While they will not tell you which classes to take or avoid, they can give you a balanced view and help you to design a course schedule that serves your academic needs and interests. Since the peer advising office is staffed regularly throughout the semester, it is always easy to find a knowledgeable advisor who is eager to help you.