Financial Aid

A variety of opportunities exist for Public Health students to receive financial aid, assistantships, fellowships, and scholarships.

UMass Amherst Financial Aid Services

The University offers a variety of opportunities for undergraduate students to receive financial aid and scholarships. For further information on financial aid available to undergraduate students, including federal student loans and grant programs, visit the UMass Amherst Financial Aid Services website.

Scholarships and Fellowships

A limited number of scholarships and fellowships are available to undergraduate students through the School of Public Health and Health Sciences.

The Corinne A. Johnson Memorial Scholarship:

The School offers the Corinne A. Johnson Memorial Scholarship to undergraduate students in Public Health. Named after the 1980 graduate of the School of Public Health and Health Sciences (SPHHS) who achieved much in a shortened life, this scholarship was established by her friends, family and colleagues at General Electric to recognize exceptional students in the field of Public Health. Undergraduate and/or graduate students in Public Health are eligible and are encouraged to apply. Preference will be given to those who exhibit the qualities and spirit of Corinne A. Johnson, including a commitment to community service, volunteerism and leadership. Successful candidates should be deeply committed to public health, have an excellent academic record, demonstrate leadership qualities, show a spirit of community service and be well-rounded in their interests and attitudes.

Applications for the scholarship are typically announced and awarded early in the spring semester. Please contact your program advisor for application instructions and forms.