Undergraduate Program

The Department of Public Health offers curricula of study leading to the Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Public Health Sciences. The undergraduate degree in Public Health Sciences is intended to provide students with a broad understanding of the factors that influence the health of populations. The field of public health encompasses a number of sub-disciplines, including biostatistics, community health education, environmental health sciences, epidemiology, and health policy and management. Students may select a track emphasizing either Social Science or Science to suit their individual interests and career goals.

The Department also offers an accelerated 4+1 B.S./M.P.H. degree to eligible undergraduates interested in either Community Health Education or Health Policy and Management, and an Accelerated Master of Science (M.S.) degree to eligible undergraduates interested in Environmental Health Sciences.

There is no minor available in Public Health Sciences.

For more information on program requirements and other information related to the undergraduate major in Public Health Sciences, visit our pages intended for students interested in the Undergraduate Degree Program.